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5 Buddha Small Paper Prayer Flags -8 ft long


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5 Buddha Small Paper Prayer Flags -8 ft long

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These delightful paper prayer flag garlands (8' long) are great for hanging anywhere and any time of year. Made with sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta paper, a tree free eco paper fiber that grows in the higher hill areas of Nepal.

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  • 2.5" L x 2.5" W
  • 8 ft L

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This set of flags shows the five 'Dhyani Buddhas' which represent the five primary physical and mental aspects of the Buddha, or different aspects of the enlightened state. The five Buddhas include Vairochana (representing all-encompassing wisdom associated with sightand the space element that dispels ignorance and delusion), Akshobhya (mirror-like wisdom associated with sound and the water element that dispels anger and hatred), Ratnasambhava (wisdom of equality associated with smell and the earth element that dispels pride and miserliness), Amitabha (discriminating wisdom associated with taste and the fire element that displels desire and lust), and Amogasiddhi (all-accomplishing wisdom associated with touch and the air element that dispels jealousy and fear). Made in Nepal by one of the best fair trade production centers in Kathmanda. rnrnEach 2.5'' square flag set is packaged in a protective plastic bag and banded with a descriptive label.