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Tibetan Singing Bowl - 6 in. - Om Lotus

SKU: tc-13

Product Dimensions: 6 in. dia x 3 in. h

Availability: In stock

Quick Overview:

The inside bottom of this six inch hand-cast singing bowl is painted with a lotus design by a skilled Nepali artisan. Om Mani Padme Hum, translated as 'Hail to the jewel in the lotus'.  Om is the ancient Tibetan mantra or prayer for realizing perfect wisdom and compassion. It is believed by simply hearing or seeing the mantra, even without knowing its ultimate meaning, brings positive karmic results. The bottom of this bowl bears a traditional rendering showing the sound symbols of each "word" of the mantra in a six petal stylized lotus.  Made in Nepal.  

Detailed Information:
  • Fair Trade
  • Hand Made


Tap your singing bowl with the wooden striker and move it slowly, firmly and steadily around the rim to release the cosmic mantra's vibration. Wooden striker is included.


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