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Andean Mother Egg Stone Carving

Andean Mother Egg Stone Carving


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Andean Mother Egg Stone Carving

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Exquisitely hand-carved and beautifully rendered, our alabaster-like, egg-shaped stone represents the Andean feminine, Pachamama Herself, and teams with Andean totems and symbols, such as otorongo (jaguar), kuntur, (condor), amaru (serpent), chakana, (cross) among many others.  Hand carved so all eggs are unique. Your Pachamama egg may vary slightly from the photo shown. Egg comes in its own hand woven pouch.  Your bag design may vary slightly from photograph. Handcarved in the Land of the Incas, Peru.

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  • 3.5" L x 2.75" W

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In Peruvian tales from the records of the first Spanish conquistadors, Creator begs Sun to make people so as to populate the earth. Sun throws three eggs down to earth: the chiefs (men) are born of the golden egg, their wives (women) of the silver one and the ordinary folk emerge from the copper egg since copper represents mortality: it tarnishes and oxydizes, and is subject to change, deterioration and death. 
Source: Gold and Power in Ancient Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia Edited by Jeffrey Quilter and John W. Hoopes.