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ANDEANsolrocks - Pathway of Light


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ANDEANsolrocks - Pathway of Light

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Stones, given as a gift from Pachamama (Mother Earth), are receptacles of information and power in the Andean tradition and have been used for centuries as tools for healing. These 22 stones come from Lake Titicca, Peru.  Each stone has a symbol drawn on them by the villagers of Chucuito, Peru. 

ANDEANsolrocks is both a personal, playful game of stones and a mysterious oracle into Andean beliefs and culture. Set contains twenty two handpainted stones with their symbols, book, cards, small deck of 22 cards representing each symbol and small woven zipper storage bag.

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ANDEANsolrocks are a limited, first edition: 

Each package contains: 

  • 22 small stones that come from Lake Titicaca, Peru, with 22 specific symbols drawn on them by the villagers of Chucuito, Peru.
  •  Paola's family made the woven bags to carry the set of 22 little stones.
  • Christina painted and printed the small deck of 22 cards with symbols.
  • Plus, ANDEANsolrocks: Pathway of Light, written by Christina, is the book about the stones and a guide to the life and Light within you, with instructions on 'how to play the game of stones' inside.

Feedback from Customer:

"Christina, I just received my rock visitors from Peru in the mail (which I bought through Shamans market) and want to thank you for following your dream, sending blessings from Pachamama, and the personal signature in the front of the book. I am in the midst of becoming a mesa carrier of the Q'ero so rocks are my new friends. But a quote of yours has essentially changed my perspective: Rocks can move when they want to. I am suddenly seeing life from their perspective - it takes my breath away. Thank you. I will now blow my spirit into those little friends from Titicaca. "