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Azurite Malachite SoapRocklet


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Azurite Malachite SoapRocklet

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Azurite Malachite SoapRocklettes

SKU: TS-003
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  • 3" L x 2" H x 2" W
  • 4 Oz

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Metaphysical Properties: Stunning beautiful opaque indigo stone. Azurite is a natural tool for activating the third eye chakra. It is a crystal of inner vision and is perfect for developing and enhancing divination abilities. It will align your inner vision with the highest intentions from your spirit guides, providing a profound opening to the psychic and divinatory realms. Azurite will protect you from being mislead by opening your intuition to divine truth.

Numerology: Azurite vibrates to the number 1. Leadership is the key word for Azurite.

Chakra: Third Eye(6th)

Element: Air