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Baka Gbine: Gati Bongo


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Baka Gbine: Gati Bongo

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In 1992 when Martin Cradick & Su Hart first went to visit the Baka Forest People they were amazed to fine two great guitarists, Mbeh and Pelembir. Since then they have regularly returned to stay with the Baka and each time have taken another guitar. On each visit they found that more and more of them had learned to play guitar, and by 2000 they had organised themselves into a band.

A decade on, new technologies enabled Martin to make the first multi-track recordings of 'Baka Gbine' using a solar-powered laptop deep within their forest home. This album is a collection of their songs recorded live in the rainforest of Cameroon in 2004 and 2005. It may not be what people immediately think of as 'Pgymy' music, but it is what the Baka from Gbine are playing and want to share with you.
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