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  1. R. Carlos Nakai: Talisman

    I feel the talismans of white shell and obsidian within the pollen bag and recall the Hozho'jii prayer which has accompanied my people through countless ages. I stand silently in the darkness, facing East.

    Talisman celebrates the 25th anniversary of R. Carlos Nakai's first release, Changes, and returns to the pure, haunting sound of the Native American flute, unaccompanied by other instruments. Talisman is a continuous soundscape as Nakai alternates songs for one flute and songs for two flutes in a rich tapestry of music 'so soothing, it unwrinkles mind and soul . . .'

  2. Rita Coolidge, Laurea Satterfield And Priscilla Coolidge: Walela

    An inspirational musical journey of the spirit.Recorded live at the Dallas Theater Center Benefiting The Sovereign Nations Preservation Project.
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2 Item(s)