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  1. Breathing:The Master Key to Self-Healing by Andrew Weil

    The health you enjoy today, and for the rest of your life, begins with your next breath. In fact, breathing is so crucial to your body's ability to heal and sustain itself that Dr. Andrew Weil says, If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.

    On Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing, listeners will learn a complete course of eight breathing exercises that Dr. Weil uses in his own life, and has prescribed to hundreds of patients over the past two decades. Dr. Weil reports that these breathing exercises get more favorable response from patients than anything else he teaches.

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  2. DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman (CD)

    Audio Book Format - Dmt: The Spirit Molecule: A Doctor's Revolutionary Research Into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences

    Author: Strassman, Rick

    Read by Arthur Morey.
  3. Dream Gates-A Journey into Active Dreaming by Robert Moss

    What is a dream? Random brain activity? A cartoon projected onto the screen of your mind? Or could your dreams be a portal to another reality—a dimension where the past, present, and future fuse into a secret frontier of unlimited possibilities?

    On Dream Gates, master dream explorer Robert Moss shows you how to use actual dreamwork practices and your own innate skills to confidently explore the riches of this infinite realm.

    Through a series of near-death experiences in his childhood, Robert Moss first grasped the great keys to dream navigation. What he learned, Moss later discovered, held striking parallels to Iroquois soul journeying, the ancient Greek Asklepian dream-healing arts, aboriginal dreamtime, and shamanic techniques used in native cultures throughout the world.

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  4. Dream Tending Techniques for Uncovering the Hidden Intelligence of Your Dreams by Stephen Aizenstat

    You had the most amazing dream last night. It spoke to your highest aspiration-your most secret wish-and presented a vision of a future that was right for you. But now, in the cold light of day, that inspiring dream is gone forever-or is it? According to Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, a psychotherapist, university professor, and dream specialist, dreams are not just phantoms that pass in the night, but a present living reality that you can engage with and learn from in your daily life. In Dream Tending, Dr. Aizenstat shows how to access the power of your dreams to transform nightmare figures into profound and helpful mentors, bring fresh warmth and intimacy into your relationships, overcome obsessions, compulsions, and addictions, engage healing forces of your dreams through imaginary medicines, re-imagine your career and cope with difficulties in the workplace, discover the potential of your untapped creativity, and see the world around you from a new and dynamic perspective.

  5. Free Yourself from Anxiety with Erin Olivo

    Guided Mindfulness Meditations for Relaxation and Resilience. Stress isn't good or bad, it's just a part of life. The trouble starts when we don't know how to work with it effectively. Through a unique approach that combines simple mindfulness practices and breakthrough insights from cognitive therapy, Free Yourself from Anxiety gives you a powerful antidote to the debilitating effects and emotional suffering of everyday stress.
  6. Heal Your Past Life Fears - A Guided Process to Realize Your Soul's Potential by Ainslie MacLeod

    Welcome to a journey to your soul's past. Ainslie MacLeod is your personal guide in a past-life regression to liberate you from the unhealed experiences that hinder your potential today. On Heal Your Past-Life Fears, the author of The Transformation presents a two-part program for completing the life plan your soul created for you before this incarnation.

  7. How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience Transcend the Limits of Physical Form and Accelerate Your Spiritual Evolution by William H

    Discover Your Spiritual Potential in the Non-Physical Dimensions You're resting on your couch, when suddenly you realize that you're looking at yourself... from beyond your physical body. If you've ever had an out-of-body experience (or OBE), you know it can be a memorable-even startling-event. Are OBEs simply a novel brain state, akin to dreaming? Or can they offer real access to non-physical dimensions? For the thousands of explorers that William Buhlman has taught to enter the out-of-body state, verification often comes in a breathtaking flash-the undeniable first-hand experience of lucid awareness beyond the limits of time and space in a realm of vast spiritual potential. With How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience you will learn to safely explore this astonishing territory for yourself, to awaken untapped possibilities. A Practical Course for Entering and Navigating Out-of-Body Experiences Refined and proven during 15 years of Buhlman's workshops, this complete course teaches you the essentials of OBE navigation, including: pre-launch exercises for creating a focused and grounded mindset, a core sequence of guided sessions for initiating out-of-body journeys at will, and many advanced techniques for exploring the subtle realms with safety and confidence. OBE practitioners frequently report extraordinary spiritual shifts: expanded perception of the self and the world, spontaneous healing, meetings with loved ones, and often a direct and life-changing connection with Spirit or Higher Self. How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience will show you how to extend your consciousness beyond your body-and quicken your inner spiritual unfolding.

  8. Invisible Acts of Power Personal Choices That Create Miracles by Caroline Myss

    Offers counsel on how to create personal energy and power in everyday life, discussing how to act as a channel for divine grace and commit non-random acts of kindness in order to promote one's spiritual and intuitive development.

  9. Knowing Your Shadow Becoming Intimate with All That You Are by Robert Augustus

    Why are the people around me so difficult? Why do I keep getting in situations like this? Our shadow side, teaches Robert Augustus Masters, contains the emotions and desires we've disowned, neglected, or hidden from ourselves. If not skillfully worked with, it can easily direct our lives on every level. With Knowing Your Shadow, this acclaimed psychotherapist and author shows us how to illuminate and make wise use of it. Listeners will explore specific topics where shadow work is especially needed, including: . Discovering and cultivating intimacy with the endarkened aspects of ourselves . Identifying and healing our core wounds . Working effectively with anger, fear, shame, guilt, and other difficult emotions . Individual practices for developing more authenticity and wholeness in our personal and workplace relationships, our sexuality, and our spiritual path Our moods and relationships so often seem to have a life of their own. Knowing Your Shadow offers exceptional support for taking charge of our lives at a deep level, providing expert guidance for in-depth learning, including many guided meditations and exercises for reclaiming what is hidden or neglected within us.

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