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  1. Fate, Fortune & Mysticism in the Peruvian Amazon

    Fate, Fortune & Mysticism in the Peruvian Amazon: The Septrionic Order and the Naipes Cards - Marlene Dobkin de Rios

    A medical anthropologist’s account of fortune-telling and management of one’s own destiny in Peru

    • Explains the fortune-telling naipes cards and how Amazonian shamans use them to diagnose clients’ ills

    • Looks at the Sacred Mystical Order of Septrionism and its techniques for managing destiny
    Learn More

  2. Psychedelic_Shamanism,_Updated_Ed._The_Cultivation,_Preparation&Shamanic_Use_of_Psychotropic_Plants_-_Jim_DeKorne

    Psychedelic Shamanism, Updated Ed. The Cultivation, Preparation&Shamanic Use of Psychotropic Plants - Jim DeKorne

    Psychedelic Shamanism presents a useful guide to the cultivation of psychedelic plants and their use as catalysts for exploring the structure of human consciousness and imaginal realms of reality as described by Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, modern depth psychology, and indigenous cultures throughout the world. Learn More

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