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  1. Becoming Hummingbird - Jane Galer

    In Becoming Hummingbird: Charting Your Life Journey the Shaman’s Way, master shaman Jane Galer asks the readers to consider their responsibility to the global collective, while at the same time assessing the qualities of the mythical Hero’s path as it applies to their own personal journey. Through exercises and guided meditations packed with mythological creatures from a variety of cultures, the readers seek to understand their own gifts, their own personal archetypes, and in doing so will identify the life path that most reflects their value as humans ready to serve the needs of the universe. This is a workbook, a meditation guide, an opportunity to explore personal gifts at the deepest level, the of the sacred.

  2. Becoming Raw: The Essential Guide to Raw Vegan Diets - Brenda Davis

    This book contains a wealth of information on the raw food lifestyle. Nutrition experts Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina once again provide the essential information needed to safely embrace a new dietary lifestyle. As they did for vegetarians and vegans in Becoming Vegetarian and Becoming Vegan, they present the first authoritative look at the science behind raw foods. And both old converts to raw foods and new recruits alike will be fascinated with food historian Rynn Berry's presentation of the first narrative history of the rawfoods movement in the United States.

  3. Benjamin Iobst: Seven Metals

    This beautiful and faithful recording of Tibetan singing bowls is superb for relaxation, massage & bodywork, deep sound meditation, yoga relaxation and sleep inducement. Consisting of two sessions of 27-28 minutes each, 25 different singing bowls are used to create the most amazing sound vibrations perfect for deeply letting go. In fact the liner notes clearly warn that this music should NOT be played while driving!

    "The bowls are powerful meditative tools that allow the client to reach deep levels of relaxation. . . " - M. Jeffrey Schmidt, Massage Magazine.

    "This is an extraordinary recording of Tibetan bowls performed by a master of this tradition." - Jonathan Goldman, Author of Healing Sounds.

    Instruments – 25 Tibetan singing bowls, metal and bamboo wind chimes, tingsha bells.

  4. Benjy Wertheimer: Circle Of Fire

    An extraordinary dance journey through the music of many cultures around the world, with influences ranging from rock, funk and jazz to West African, Indonesian and Indian folk and classical traditions.

    The latest CD from award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist Benjy Wertheimer, Circle of Fire is an extraordinary dance journey through the music of many cultures around the world. The album's influences range from rock, funk and jazz to West African, Indonesian and Indian folk and classical traditions. Many moods are woven throughout the CD, inviting dancers fully into their bodies and inspiring them to take themselves through the full spectrum of expressive movement.

  5. Best Of Douglas Blue Feather By Douglas Blue

    Best of Douglas Blue Feather CD by Douglas Blue Feather offers a meditative collection of remixed and remastered songs that defined Douglas Blue Feather’s masterful style on the Native American flute.

  6. Between the Lines: The Mystery of the Giant Ground Drawings of Ancient Nasca, Peru - Anthony F. Aveni

    The Nasca Lines are one of the world's great enigmas. Who etched the more than 1,000 enormous animal, human, and geometric figures that cover 400 square miles of barren pampa in southern Peru? How did the makers create lifelike images of monkeys, birds, and spiders without an aerial or mountain vantage point from which to view these giant figures that stretch across thousands of square yards? Most puzzling of all, why did the ancient Nasca people lay out these astonishing lines and images in the desert? These are the questions that pioneering archaeoastronomer Anthony Aveni seeks to answer in this book.

    Writing for a wide public audience, Aveni begins by establishing the Nasca Lines as a true wonder of the ancient world. He describes how viewers across the centuries have tried to interpret the lines and debunks some of the wilder theories. Then he vividly recounts his own years of exploration at Nasca in collaboration with archaeologists, anthropologists, astronomers, and engineers and the discoveries that have answered many of the riddles about who made the Nasca Lines, when, and for what purposes. He also demonstrates how the lines manifest a universal human desire to create monumental earthworks that extends around the globe and to the present day.

    We may never fully know why the Nasca Lines were inscribed in the Peruvian pampa, but this book offers a fascinating overview of what the leading expert and his colleagues currently understand. It's required reading for everyone intrigued by ancient mysteries.

  7. Beyond 2012: A Shaman's Call to Personal Change and the Transformation of Global Consciousness - James Endredy

    The prophecies surrounding 2012--the end of the Mayan calendar--aren't pretty. For wisdom and guidance concerning this significant date, Endredy consults Tataiwari (Grandfather Fire) and Nakawe (Grandmother Growth)--the "First Shamans." Recorded here is their fascinating dialog.

  8. Big Bow: The Spiritual Life and Teachings of a Kiowa Family - Robert Vetter and Richard Tartsah, Sr.

    Big Bow: The Spiritual Life and Teachings of a Kiowa Family pays homage to the legacies of two Kiowa medicine men:  Big Bow and Abel Big Bow, revealing their spiritual beliefs and how they applied them in their lives.
  9. Biomusique: 10,000 Steps

    The 10,000 Steps is an atmospheric soundscape of exquisitely crafted ambiance, from singer Lisbeth Scott (The Chronicles of Narnia and Spielberg's Munich) and multi-instrumentalist Greg Ellis (Vas, Matrix series and 300).

    What do you get when you cross an insanely talented multi-instrumentalist with a breathtaking vocalist, both of whom have one foot in this world and another in the next? Biomusique. Biomusique is the vehicle for percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Greg Ellis and siren/songwriter Lisbeth Scott.

    Some will be familiar with Ellis' work as a founding member of the sacred music duo Vas. Unlike Vas, which is rooted in more Middle Eastern and East-Indian rhythms and atmospheres, Biomusique's first effort, The 10,000 Steps, is a poly-fused hybrid of many styles that range from textured electronic ambience to atmospheric riffs on Celtic sound-stylings. The results are breathtaking.

    Lisbeth Scott's vocals resemble the non-local phrasings of Liz Fraser and Lisa Gerrard, toning, intoning, chanting and singing, blending and bending a fluid vocabulary of vocalese. While Ellis moves surprisingly well out of his percussive comfort zone to play a number of other instruments such as trumpet, guitar, dulcimer, piano and, of course, a battery of drums and percussion. Together, they make deliciously organic sounds that echo David Sylvain, Enya, Clannad and Loreena McKennit, but are by no means cloning any of them. Those artists just represent stylistic touchstones.

    The musical journey on The 10,000 Steps goes far beyond the tools of language to draw comparison. Take the first step. Listen. No samples or loops of any kind were used on this recording.
  10. Bird Medicine: The Sacred Power of Bird Shamanism by Evan T. Pritchard

    Birds are our strongest allies in the natural world. Revered in Native American spirituality and shamanic traditions around the world, birds are known as teachers, guardians, role models, counselors, healers, clowns, peacemakers, and meteorologists.

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Items 61 to 70 of 885 total

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