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  1. The_Second_Ring_of_Power_-_Carlos_Castaneda

    The Second Ring of Power - Carlos Castaneda

    Back from the abyss, Castaneda encounter his greatest test on the journey towards impeccability and freedom: to outwit and overpower the sorcery of Dona Soledad, herself transformed from a defeated and meaningless life to a warrior, a hunter and a "stalker of power." Now the combat will begin. Now the journey will continue. Till the last danger is faced...the final paradox embraced. Learn More

  2. Red_Mass:_A_RED_Agency_Novel_by_Daniel_Moler

    Red Mass: A RED Agency Novel by Daniel Moler

    RED MASS is a psychopomp adventure bringing the concepts of shamanic consciousness into the popular literary realm; imagine a postmodern X-Files plus Beat poet superheroes on LSD. Below is a brief synopsis of the story: Learn More

  3. Fire_from_Within_-_Carlos_Castenada

    Fire from Within - Carlos Castenada

    In a most thought-provoking and unusual work, Carlos Castaneda continues his tuteluge under don Juan, the Yaqui Indian sorcerer--constructing a stunning portrait of the "sorcerer's world" that is crystal clear and dizzying in its implications. Learn More

  4. Big_Bow:__The_Spiritual_Life_and_Teachings_of_a_Kiowa_Family_-_Robert_Vetter_and_Richard_Tartsah,_Sr.

    Big Bow: The Spiritual Life and Teachings of a Kiowa Family - Robert Vetter and Richard Tartsah, Sr.

    Big Bow: The Spiritual Life and Teachings of a Kiowa Family pays homage to the legacies of two Kiowa medicine men:  Big Bow and Abel Big Bow, revealing their spiritual beliefs and how they applied them in their lives. Learn More

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