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  1. Birth 2012 and Beyond - Barbara Marx Hubbard

    Featured contributors include Ervin Laszlo, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Jean Houston, and Neale Donald Walsch.

  2. Black Smoke: A Woman's Journey of Healing, Wild Love, and Transformation in the Amazon

    Black Smoke is a wonderful, beautifully written story . . . a true adventure told in a style that rivals the best of novels. This first-person account by an extraordinary woman of her inner and outer journey through darkness into light is a must read for anyone interested in healing. The New York Times best-selling author of Shapeshifting, Spirit of the Shuar and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, this book will thrill and support all readers traveling--or wishing to travel themselves--into the unknown and the mystery of the human spirit.
  3. Call of the Great Spirit: The Shamanic Life…of Medicine Grizzly Bear by Bobby Lake-Tho

    This redemption story of Native American healer Bobby Lake-Thom invites the reader to enter a world of authentic indigenous traditions and ceremonies. Bobby, also known as Medicine Grizzly Bear, didn't recognize his shamanic calling at first. He didn't know that his vivid dreams, psychic abilities, and visitations by wild animals and ghostly figures were calls from the Great Spirit.

  4. Dancing the Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation - Jamie Sams

    A powerful call to integrate the seen and unseen forces in life, "Dancing the Dream" shows how to create an enormous shift in personal relationships with the Earth, loved ones, and the spiritual self. Line drawings.
  5. Dancing With A Thousand Bees by Karrie Marie Baxley

    Karrie Baxley takes readers on a fascinating intimate journey into her personal encounters with the honeybee.  She explores their world with the courage and curiosity of a shaman and adventurer who is attuned to both environmental realities (we learn that the honeybee is in danger of disappearing) and the spiritual aspects of nature.  Her artist's eye and appreciation for the honeybee's role in mythology and goddess lore add depth and wisdom to this multi-faceted work.

  6. Entering the Mind of the Tracker: Native Practices...by Tamarack Song

    Stepping beyond the shape of a footprint and into the unseen story of the track, veteran wilderness guide Tamarack Song takes you inside the eyes and mind of an intuitive tracker, with intimate stories where Frogs show the way out of the woods, scat reveals life histories, and Bears demonstrate how to find missing people.

  7. Neither Wolf Nor Dog: On Forgotten Roads with an Indian Elder - Kent Nerburn

    Non-Indian theologian and editor Nerburn attempts to bridge the gap between the world into which I had been born and the world of a people I had grown to know and love by narrating the fascinating toils and truths of Dan, a 78-year-old Lakota man.
  8. Nothing in this Book Is True But It's Exactly How Things Are - Bob Frissell

    Nothing in This Book Is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are is an account of humankindメs function within the grand celestial battle between internal and external knowledge. Author Bob Frissell gives a compelling account of our planetary ascent into higher consciousness, presenting a big-screen view of the Earth through the experience of the Ascended Masters, Thoth, Babaji, and Drunvalo Melchizedek.

  9. Personal Infinity-Remember Who You Are - Allison Bradley

    From the Introduction: What follows in this book is one person's attempt to describe and work with the indefinable, namely creative infinity. You might call this God, the Universe, universal intelligence, Great Spirit, or any number of things. Or you might call it nothing at all. I propose that all of these approaches are valid, including my own. I propose that the creative infinity works through all of us all the time, and to encourage it as much as we can.
  10. Shamanic Experience: The Eight Essential Exercises... by Kenneth Meadows

    A guide to shamanic practices for those seeking to develop psychic powers. Teaches how to access the collective soul, discover the aura, develop shamanic breath, discover relationships with power animals, and engage in a vision quest. These lessons culminate with a trance-state journey induced by the rhythmic drumming session on the accompanying CD.

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