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Red Mass: A RED Agency Novel by Daniel Moler


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Red Mass: A RED Agency Novel by Daniel Moler

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RED MASS is a psychopomp adventure bringing the concepts of shamanic consciousness into the popular literary realm; imagine a postmodern X-Files plus Beat poet superheroes on LSD. Below is a brief synopsis of the story:
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Gregor Samson is a paranoid introvert, dissatisfied with his job, relationships, and overall life situation. He fills this ennui with personal inquiries into anomalous phenomena such as UFOs, conspiracy theories, and urban legends. Then, a series of supernatural encounters thrusts Gregor into the greatest mystery of his life: reports of comatose victims cropping up across the city, an attempt on his life made by his chaos-worshipping best friend, and inexplicable sightings of mysterious Men-In-Black-type figures dressed in red! Through this puzzling charade, Gregor encounters a group of revolutionaries who are members of an underground cabal of shamanic agents representing an alien civilization of psychedelic beings from another dimension. Their primary purpose is to counter the established orthodoxy of culture, as well as thwart the dominating forces trying to control the minds of the populace . . . and they want Gregor to become their next recruit!