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This is Burning Man: The Rise of a new American Underground - Brian Doherty


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This is Burning Man: The Rise of a new American Underground - Brian Doherty

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Doherty provides detailed information on the outrageous festival---its inception, history, growth, and players--for the hundreds of thousands who have attended, as well as those who only wish they had.
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  • 304 pages; Hardcover

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Among those who have attended, there is an insatiable desire to know more about the festival--its inception, history, growth, and players. By the time of publication over 110,000 will have attended. Burning Man is exploding rapidly into the national consciousness. For every festival attendee, there are 100 more who wish they could go; this book will make them feel like they are there. Only Burning Man could attract such a large number of artists, scientists, architects, and performers unbound by the usual constraints of space and convention. Their genius--and their mania--will be explored here in detail. In cities across the U.S.--from Boston to Seattle, from New York to Austin--there are offshoot events of the festival called regional burns that will provide opportunities for local media attention.