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Magick, Mystery and Medicine

Magick, Mystery and Medicine: Advanced Shamanic Healing - Kristin Madden


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Magick, Mystery and Medicine: Advanced Shamanic Healing - Kristin Madden

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Through humor, warmth, and honesty, Kristin Madden shares first-hand experience and specific details of shamanic healing practices. Drawing on a wide variety of shamanic cultures and modern practitioners, as well as the author's personal experience of over 30 years of healing, Magick, Mystery, and Medicine provides a unique manual for empowering both healer and patient.This inspirational book complements any alternative healing practice by guiding readers to: Learn to use indigenous magickal techniques to boost healing power, develop the ability to clear intrusions and to heal soul loss, increase your ability to work effectively with plants and animals, work with the dying and departed, gain insight into advanced shamanic methods never before described, and empower yourself to create success, honor, peace, and well-being.
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"A highly practical guide from a true healer. Flowing organically like a wise teacher talking to her student, Kristin encourages readers to empower themselves and deepen their journey on the shamanic path." – Christopher Penczak, Author of the Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft

"Hear ye, serious shamanic teachers and practitioners: open this treasure and you won’t ever put it down. Ever! Magick, Mystery, and Medicine powerfully explores the advanced work of shamanic healing. Written in Ms. Madden’s warm, clear, and precise prose, you will share her awe and wonder of the worlds of mystery while at the same time learn practical skills to help others in this world. Pick up your drum and be ready to dance the heartbeat of wisdom written for you with beauty and power by Kristin Madden." - Gail Wood, Author of The Wild God