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Jonathan Goldman: Healing Sounds - Program I: Principles of Sound Healing


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Jonathan Goldman: Healing Sounds - Program I: Principles of Sound Healing

Quick Overview

Healing Sounds with musician and sound healer Jonathan Goldman thoroughly explains the scientific aspects of how each object of matter, including stars, planets, human bodies and plants, vibrates at its own rate, giving off a sound that emanates out into space, in this fascinating and inspiring presentation with teachings, meditations, healings and visual imagery.

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In this video, internationally acclaimed teacher, author and chant master Jonathan Goldman takes us on a captivating tour of the world of Sound Healing. Through teachings, meditations, healings and visual imagery, he shows us how to use the innate power of sound to heal our bodies, clear our minds, and renew our spirits. From the ancient knowledge of the past, to the advanced science of today, Goldman reveals a magical world that is created, healed and transformed by the power of sound. In this insightful and informative presentation, he introduces us to some of the basic concepts in the use of sound as a therapeutic and healing modality.