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Timewave 2013 - The Future is Now - The Odyssey II Sharron Rose


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Timewave_2013_-_The_Future_is_Now_-__The_Odyssey_II__Sharron_Rose « »


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Timewave 2013 - The Future is Now - The Odyssey II Sharron Rose

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This film DVD from Sharron Rose speaks to many of the world’s experts on mythology, alchemy, astrology, anthropology and ancient history discussing discuss topics such as the shift of the ages, the galactic alignment, global warming, the pervasive role of the media in our lives, the secret place of refuge, the mystic work of Benjamin Franklin, renewal of the American spirit and the transformation of humanity.
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What lies ahead for the human race? Will we reach the destiny that awaits us? In the film 2012 The Odyssey, author Sharron Rose went on a quest to understand the many prophecies around the year 2012. In this sequel to that film, she travels far beyond the world of 2012.