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  1. Sharon_Gannon,_David_Life_And_Michael_Franti:_Power_To_The_Peaceful_Yoga

    Sharon Gannon, David Life And Michael Franti: Power To The Peaceful Yoga

    Vigorous, flowing and inspirational. Learn More

  2. Seane_Corn:_Yoga_From_The_Heart

    Seane Corn: Yoga From The Heart

    Heal yourself-and the world-through yoga. Filmed live at the Annual Yoga Journal San Francisco Conference, this unrehearsed 90-minute class captures the charisma and soul of one of yoga's great instructors. Learn More

  3. Maya_Fiennes:_Kundalini_Yoga_Wisdom_&_Bliss

    Maya Fiennes: Kundalini Yoga Wisdom & Bliss

    To be in her presence and to feel her spirit, her energy and her teaching is an extraordinary experience. --Deepok Chopra Learn More

  4. Maya_Fiennes:_Kundalini_Yoga_Love_&_Truth_Dbl

    Maya Fiennes: Kundalini Yoga Love & Truth Dbl

    Yoga's new Messiah --Sunday Times, You Magazine Learn More

  5. Maya_Fiennes:_Kundalini_Yoga_-_Courage,_Creativity_&_Will_Power_3

    Maya Fiennes: Kundalini Yoga - Courage, Creativity & Will Power 3

    Kundalini Yoga - Courage, Creativity & Will Power 3 Learn More

  6. Gurutej:_Kundalini_Yoga_For_Mental_Clarity

    Gurutej: Kundalini Yoga For Mental Clarity

    Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity is a dynamic series of 20 powerful exercises to help you experience higher levels of lucidity and awareness in every area of your life. Learn More

  7. Gurutej:_Kundalini_Yoga_Awakening_Intuition_For_Women

    Gurutej: Kundalini Yoga Awakening Intuition For Women

    Claim Your Power Our intuition is our link to the source of all creativity.

    Learn More

  8. Gurmukh_&_Snatam_Kaur:_Kundalini_Yoga_Healthy_Body_Fearless_Spirit

    Gurmukh & Snatam Kaur: Kundalini Yoga Healthy Body Fearless Spirit

    Kundalini Yoga Healthy Body Fearless Spirit DVD by Gurmukh and Snatam Kaur offers an all level Kundalini Yoga and meditation experience Live from Spirit Fest 2010 with live music. Learn More

  9. Duncan_Wong:_Source_Power

    Duncan Wong: Source Power

    Created by Duncan Wong's YogicArtsTM Source Power DVD blends science, spirit and art-celebrating tenants of the ancient systems of Korean Buddhist gung fu, Ashtanga yoga and Thai bodywork. Learn More

  10. Duncan_Wong:_Awakening_Level

    Duncan Wong: Awakening Level

    Awakening Level DVD by Duncan Wong offers a synthesis of Vinyasa flow yoga, Buddhist Gung-Fu, and Thai massage. Learn More

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