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David Life and Sharon Gannon: Transform Yourself With Jivamukti Yoga


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David Life and Sharon Gannon: Transform Yourself With Jivamukti Yoga

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David and Sharon have inspired and encouraged us to think of yoga not just as a system of exercises, but as a door to the infinite.-- Sting
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Not merely a workout, it's a way of life -- InStyle

When David and Sharon opened their New York yoga school in 1989, they chose to call it Jivamukti to reflect yoga's true goal: enlightenment. Literally, Jivamukti means liberation while living, and as taught by these two gifted yogis, this physically vigorous and intellectually stimulating style of yoga has transformed the lives of thousands of students. Now one of the nine internationally recognized styles of Hatha Yoga, Jivamukti can show you the way to optimum health, fitness, and joy.

In just an hour a day, this Jivamukti Yoga practice will help you create a new foundation for a happier, healthier life. The practice is fast and flowing, set to music played on traditional instruments. The instruction is thorough and inspirational. Once you make Jivamukti Yoga part of your life, you will look different to the world and the world will look different to you.

SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE audio track options, one by David and one by Sharon; 9-minute facial massage instruction; and freestyle yoga demonstration.