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Andean Tarot Cards - Tarots Andinos

Andean Tarot Cards - Tarots Andinos


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Andean Tarot Cards - Tarots Andinos « »


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Andean Tarot Cards - Tarots Andinos

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A fascinating example of deck-specific tarot cards, the 78 cards in this colorful tarot set are full of the imagery of Andean figures, mythology and symbolism.  This is author-illustrator Ernesto Montes Aliaga's tour de force.  Cards are written in Spanish.

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From ancient times, tarot cards have been consulted by many people to learn about various aspects of their daily lives.   But this Tarot deck offers something more than that.  It contains the universal ideas of the ancient peoples of the Andean world. Now for the first time author Ernesto Montes Aliaga has created an Andean Tarot, based on the ideas and symbology of the great cultures, considered by the author as the true Kabbalah, Chavín cultures: Moche, Paracas, Nazca, Tiahuanaco, Wari and Inca which spread throughout Southern and Central America. Universal ideas of the Andean world will help you overcome everyday problems, not only as a prediction, but as living essence for the better development of your life.