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  1. Brent Lewis: Drum Sex

    The newest from master percussionist Brent Lewis - powerful, mystical and exciting. Tracks:
    Dinner at the Sugarbush
    Popcorn & Pink Champagne
    Hot Oil, No Sweat
    The Gates of Gomorrah
    Twinkle Berry: 'The Belly Dancing Chicken'
    Temple of Love
    Needy, Needy, Needy
    Sex, Drums & Rock 'n Roll
  2. David and Steve Gordon: Sacred Drum Visions

    Sacred Drum Visions by David and Steve Gordon offers Tribal Drums Native Indian flute music, Shamanic Music, Lakota and Sanskrit chants for Yoga and Journeying. On Sacred Drum Visions you can feel the peaceful power of Tribal Drums and the serene beauty of Native Flutes, as they join with Incan Pan Pipes, acoustic guitars, Lakota and Sanskrit chants, world-trance grooves, and sounds of nature (with eagle and wolf).

  3. David and Steve Gordon: Drum Cargo Rhythms Of Water

    Combines ethnic drums and percussion beats with the sweet sound of Native American flute for Drumming and Movement and yoga. Feel the pure energy and power of water with these refreshing liquid rhythms from around the world. Acclaimed drum gurus David & Steve Gordon follow up their #1 selling album, Drum Cargo: Rhythms of Fire with the next release in their Drum Elements series. Allow your body and spirit to move with these deep water rhythms and align with the flow of life!

  4. David and Steve Gordon: Drum Medicine

    Tribal drums from all over the planet, soaring native flutes, guitars, shamanic atmospheres, spirit rattles and nature sounds awaken you to the dance of life!

    David & Steve Gordon, creators of the #1 Seller, Sacred Earth Drums take you on their greatly anticipated new musical journey.

    With their native instruments and studio artistry, the Gordon's have the power to en-trance, summon the sacred rhythms and bring them home for a deepening and uplifting spirituality.

  5. David and Steve Gordon: Meditation Drum

    Meditation Drum CD by David and Steve Gordon offers shamanic meditation music and relaxation music. Discover how effortless and pleasurable meditation can be with this serene shamanic drum music for deep meditation with Meditation Drum. This is an entirely new concept in new age music and world music - for the first time, meditation music has been created with global shamanic drums as the main instrument. With the addition of resonating Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Bowls and gentle Native American Flute, you are gently drawn into a peaceful and nourishing state of inner peace. In ancient tradition of shamanism, Shamans have used the drum as a powerful tool for going into trance, into their soul center.

  6. David and Steve Gordon: Shaman's Vision Journey

    Shaman's Vision Journey consists of four serenely hypnotic 20-minute movements that correspond to the Native-American four directions and the four sections or worlds that make up a Shamanic Journey. Extras inside the booklet include 'How to Take a Shamanic Journey' ? plus ?Empowerment through Sacred Chant? which explain how to use this extended-length recording with it?s gentle heartbeat drums as a sonic tool for your own Shamanic sessions.


    kim atkinson : world drums ? percussion
    elivia melody : crystal bowl recordings

  7. Glen Velez: Breathing Rhythms

    In Breathing Rhythms, master percussionist Glen Velez offers a multilayered, interactive journey to attune listeners to the natural rhythms and energy flows of the body.

    Engaging the principles of rhythm and tone used by meditative chant and drumming traditions across the globe, these five somatic soundscapes were created to boost energy levels, encourage expansive states of well-being, and activate the 'matrix of sound' that resonates within every cell of our bodies. With cello by Eugene Friesen and gypsy pan flute by Damian Dragichi.

  8. Glen Velez: Rhythms Of The Chakras

    Each of the body's seven chakras is sensitive to particular tempos and sounds. Rhythms Of The Chakras is an invigorating tour through these physical energy centers, using rhythms, overtones, and harmonies that percussionist and composer Glen Velez has refined over 25 years of musical exploration.

    These seven intricate drumming compositions evoke spontaneous movements and sensations that help focus mental energy, and healing, on all the chakras. Dance and chant along, or simply listen. Rhythms Of The Chakras is both a masterpiece of percussion and a gateway to physical and mental harmony.

  9. Hossam Ramzy: Sabla Tolo III

    Sabla Tolo III - Advanced Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion - Hossam Ramzy's new rhythmic compositions of Egyptian tabla solos with full percussion arrangements for Oriental dance, spanning a wide array of Egyptian and Middle Eastern rhythms.

    Explanations to each of the pieces in four languages, with rhythms, numbers of bars, notation etc. perfect for creating beautiful dance choreographies.
  10. Jonathan Goldman: Sacred Gateways

    A powerful recording of sacred chants with drumming. Features Jonathan Goldman and Chant Masters from different traditions: Native American, Hindu, Mayan, Tibetan and Hebrew. Includes Om Mani Padme Hum, Hey Yungua and Om Namah Shivaya. Great for movement, dance and ceremony. 
Set Descending Direction


Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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