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  1. Songs of the Plants by Guldimann, Solar and Untoria

    The cd 'Songs of the Plants' is the third cd from Miguel Guldimann. It is dedicated to songs from the Amazon rainforest. The sacred songs of the plants are the melodies which the shaman uses to communicate with the spiritual world. Through these melodies, it is possible to invoke the spiritual help necessary for finding the balance of the body, mind and soul of sentient beings. There are ancestral techniques for those who want to heal themselves or learn this path. Through a dietary retreat, one undergoes a process of profound purification and detox that addresses the subtle energy bodies and physical structures of human beings. This process is accomplished by drinking a highly concentrated tea, made from the sacred plant. Through intense dreams the plant teachers reveal their power to us and with it their song, which is their language of communication. This disc can be used as medicine that restores, nurtures and nourishes the soul, creating a state of peace and emotional, psychic and spiritual balance, thereby bringing health to our entire physical body.

  2. Shamanic Journeysongs by Eileen O'Hare

    A powerful new genre in New Age music, 'Journeysongs', guided shamanic journey experiences to each of the three worlds inspired by the Peruvian lineage intended for individual and/or group healing.

  3. Moon Eye: Ancient Healing Sounds by Chakuna Machi Asa

    International recording artist, Chakuna, returns with her 2nd album which is a crossover of world music, baroque pop, orchestral pop, tribal shamanic, and ambient healing new age music. Her music has been featured by The Shift Network and on MTV Radio. The album is inspired by Chakuna’s prophetic dreams and her wisdom studies in Peruvian Shamanic traditional healing. Munay, in the Quechua language, (which is pronounced Moon-Eye) means “love”. 

    This album follows her debut album Activation Sounds: Ancient Chakra Healing Chants, released December 2013 which is featured by The Shift Network, on MTV Radio Germany.

    Some reviews of her 1st album:

    Chakuna Machi Asa creates beautiful, deep, potent, healing music that incorporates her practices of overtone chanting and shamanic drumming. She uses sound to inspire personal transformation and awaken you to your natural, peaceful state of being. You can feel the vibrations permeating your being as you listen. - Eleanor Tara - The Shift Network 

    Chakuna's awareness of sound, energy and healing deeply support our yoga practice and meditation sessions. We are grateful for her work and for sharing her light with the world.-Tricia Ptak, Founder of Balance Mind Body Therapies 

  4. Marjorie de Muynck: Sound Healing Music - Collector's Edition

    This Box Set features four CDs in the Key of Ohm™, an ancient tuning based on the earth's orbital path around the sun, plus liner notes featuring artist statement and publisher notes about Ohm, from its Vedic roots to its contemporary use as a sound healing frequency.  There's No Place Like Ohm Vols. 1 & 2, (2003, 2005); In the Key of Earth (2007) and Vibrational Healing Music (2009) inspired a generation of composers and healthcare practitioners to explore the healing benefits of a tone associated with the Earth. These influential recordings are Sound Healing classics you'll want to add to your music library.  Listen to Sound Healing Music - Collector's Edition while using Ohm Tuning Forks to amplify the restorative experience that these albums offer.

  5. Love Love Love Happens by Chants by Eileen O'Hare

    Evocative Shamanic musical experiences inspired by the Peruvian lineage intended for individual and/or group healing and learning  through active listening and participation.



  6. Alex Theory: Full Spectrum Sound Healing - Light Air Earth Water

    Full Spectrum Sound, a?four CD set by master ambient sound technician and composer Alex Theory, offers therapeutic sound healing vibrations, including the Schumann Resonance.

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