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  1. Deepak Chopra: Soul Of Healing Meditations

    The Soul of Healing Meditations CD by Deepak Chopra, MD with music by Adam Plack offers a simple meditation approach.

    The Soul of Healing Meditations - a Simple Approach to Growing Younger was created for anyone who has ever asked a question about meditation. A beautiful heart opening combination of powerful meditations and soothing music that can change your life by invoking your body's natural ability to heal itself.

    No experience necessary. Requires no incense, no concentration, no painful sitting position, no saffron robes, chanting optional. Requires only Your Self. Enquire within.

    The Soul of Healing Meditations provide an effortless journey for the renewal of your Body, Mind and Spirit. Deepak Chopra, MD is an internationally bestselling author anad director of education at the Chopra Center. 

  2. Love Love Love Happens by Chants by Eileen O'Hare

    Evocative Shamanic musical experiences inspired by the Peruvian lineage intended for individual and/or group healing and learning  through active listening and participation.



  3. Sandra Ingerman: Soul Journeys

    Soul Journeys 2 CD set by Sandra Ingerman offers Rhythm-Based Drum Music for the Shamanic Journey. In the practice of shamanic journeying, rhythm fuses with intent to carry us into the unseen worlds for wisdom, healing and insight. With Soul Journeys, Sandra Ingerman presents a unique collection of musical journeys made to transport you into an expanded state of perception. In addition to drumming sessions for general use in shamanic practice, Ingerman has for the first time recorded music created specifically to enable key journeys for self-empowerment.

  4. Shamanic Journeysongs by Eileen O'Hare

    A powerful new genre in New Age music, 'Journeysongs', guided shamanic journey experiences to each of the three worlds inspired by the Peruvian lineage intended for individual and/or group healing.

  5. Various Artists: Songs For Tibet

    As a show of solidarity with the Dalai Lama and Tibet, 20 artists have come together to release this historic double album, Songs for Tibet. Collectively, these tracks represent a heartfelt message of support for the path of compassion and non-violence. Funds raised from the album will go to support peace initiatives and Tibetan cultural preservation projects important to the Dalai Lama.

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5 Item(s)