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  1. Ancestral_Healing_Sounds_-_Cecilia_Montero_(w/_Tito_La_Rosa)

    Cecilia Montero (w/ Tito La Rosa): Ancestral Healing Sounds

    The Ancient tradition of scared sound as presented here can bring you into deep meditation and help you heal and balance within a shield of protection.

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  2. (Default)

    Pachatusan Inkari: En Holanda

    New CD from Pachatusan Inkari recorded in Holland. This CD features the ancient instruments and vocals reminiscent of Incan and pre Incan Peru.

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  3. Versos Maestros: Ayahuasca Ikaros

    Versos Maestros: Ayahuasca Ikaros - MP3 Download

    The new album, "Versos Maestros / Ayahuasca Ikaros", transports us to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon to experience first hand the sacred medicine ceremonies led by three generations of master Ayahuasqueros and Curanderos: the late legendary Don Solon Tello, Don Guillermo Ojanama and Don Evangelino Murayay (Jose Campos). These Ikaros, the healing songs that illuminate and guide Ayahuasca ceremonies, were recorded over several years of ceremonial work by Mamancuna's Jackie Bobrowsky. The voices of these maestros are intrinsically woven within the sounds of the Amazonian rainforest and are unique and powerful in their authenticity and simplicity .This work builds on the "El Canto del Tiempo" CD, which featured live recordings of Jose Campo's (Don Evangelino) beautiful and healing Ikaros. Learn More

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