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Activation Sounds - Ancient Chakra Healing Chants

Activation Sounds - Ancient Chakra Healing Chants by Chakuna Machi Asa


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Activation Sounds - Ancient Chakra Healing Chants by Chakuna Machi Asa

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Are you looking for a profoundly healing experience? This CD will help to activate your transformative personal power and rebalance your seven Chakra Energy Centers. 

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Chakuna Machi Asa is a composer, singer, and producer of sound healing music, chakra music, new age music, ambient music and spiritual music. She is also a transformative sound healing artist with practice in the ancient tradition of overtone chanting and shamanic drumming. She has studied Peruvian Shamanism with elders of the tradition, since the age of 16. Chakuna uses sound to activate the awakened natural state of universal being and to inspire personal transformation. Chakuna Machi Asa de Provident Manitou, her spiritual name is in one of the first peoples languages (now known as: Sanskrit, Quechua, Latin, Hebrew, Cree and Ojibwe). It means Ancestor, Healer of the People from the all knowing Great Spirit.

Chakuna graduated with a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University in 2003 with specialized studies in abnormal psychology, philosophy of love and justice, shamanism and religions of the world. Her post graduate studies are in Peruvian Shamanic Healing, Herbology, Guided Meditation, Natural Health and Organic Chemistry. She is Certified in Myomassology (Massage Therapy) (IMI 2005), Certified in Reiki III (IMI 2005), Certified in Crystal Healing Therapy (IMI 2004) and Certified in Reiki Drumming (Sedona, AZ 2004).