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  1. Brent Lewis: Jungle Bells

    Jungle Bells CD by Brent Lewis offers harmonicly tuned African rhythms and drum music for holiday season. 

    For the first time on the planet earth, Brent has created the first all drum Christmas CD. Christmas melodies are played on the drums supported by African rhythms. 

    This is the ultimate stocking stuffer. Guaranteed to melt the heart of any scrooge.
  2. Deuter: Celebration of Light

    Celebration of Light CD by Deuter offers heartfelt instrumental holiday music. 

    'I intentionally selected holiday music I found to be both very heartfelt and simple, which has been sung throughout the centuries. On this album there are songs from the 13th, 14th, 15th and the 16th centuries. We have one piece of Johann Sebastian Bach, one part of the Vivaldi Four Seasons, one dance song from Praetorius, an original composition, as well as additional unknown composers. This is my offering to the holiday season.' - C.H. Deuter
  3. Enya: And Winter Came

    And Winter Came CD by Enya offers holiday music and Celtic vocals. 

    Twenty years after her landmark Watermark album, Enya's seventh studio disc, And Winter Came continues a phenomenally successful career that has included more than 70 million albums sold worldwide. 

    And Winter Came is an enchanting evocation of the changing landscape of winter as well as the festive cheer of the holidays. One of the most successful female artists of all-time, and second only to U2 as the biggest selling Irish artist in history, Enya brings her beguiling and ethereal music to bear on the darkest and yet most hopeful season with And Winter Came.

  4. Noirin Ni Riain with Eoin & Michael O'Suilleabhain: Celtic Joy - A Celebration of Christmas

    Celtic Joy CD by Nóirín Ní Riain offers Christmas Celtic vocal music. As a young girl growing up in County Cork, Ireland, Nóirín Ní Riain learned more than 1,000 traditional songs from an elderly villager. Today, her angelic soprano is recognized worldwide. On Celtic Joy, Nóirín is joined by her sons Eoin and Micheál O’Súilleabháin to present an album for the Christmas season that offers a getaway from the familiar yuletide CDs.

  5. Peter Kater: Piano Christmas

    Piano Christmas CD by Peter Kater offers holiday and classical music on solo piano. 

    On Piano Christmas, all new variations on beautiful Holiday and Classical themes convey the peace, joy and mystery of The Season in a way that only 5 Time Grammy Award Nominated pianist/composer Peter Kater can.

    Piano Christmas is a follow-up of sorts to his best-selling Piano, these eloquent solo piano arrangements capture the wonderment and awe of this most auspicious time of year with grace and reverence. A uniquely nuanced effort for a truly inspired Piano Christmas
  6. Various Artists: Celtic Christmas

    Celtic Christmas by Various Artists is an enchanting collection of Celtic music and world music from Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada and United States for this Holiday Season. 

    Celtic Christmas offers Celtic interpretations of Christmas classics along with an original recording.

  7. Various Artists: Putumayo Presents World Christmas Party

    World Christmas Party CD by Various Artists is a festive collection of Christmas music favorites recorded by artists from around the globe. Whether listeners are seeking a fresh spin on perennial Christmas classics or want to know what rhythms get yuletide celebrations started from Jamaica to Cape Verde, World Christmas Party is sure to put people into the holiday mood. The CD unites reggae, Latin, African and other global rhythms into an upbeat album perfect for Christmas festivities.
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7 Item(s)