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Corazon Serrano

Corazon Serrano


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Orquesta Papillon: de Tarapoto - Peru

Corazon Serrano

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Originating in Piura in Northwestern Peru and formed in 1993, Serrano Heart is a very popular musical group performing Peruvian cumbia music.  2013 was a good year for the Peruvian orchestra Corazon Serrano. Not only was it considered the best cumbia group, but was the most searched for band on You Tube by Peruvian users.  The Piurana orchestra searches exceeded other very popular international bands.  According to a Google report on search trends, the terms Corazon Serrano received a score of 85, out of 100. Corazon Serrano, an inexplicable musical phenomenon, has outperformed other iconic groups such as Group 5, Harmony 10, Water Marina, and the Yaipén Brothers to name a few. Their piurana concerts are well received and they continue to thrive despite the recent death of one of their most beloved member, Edita Guerrero.   This 2 CD set is as the subtitle suggests, The Newest and Best...

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Peruvian Cumbia is a popular musical genre of Peru, the product of the fusion of cumbia originating in Colombia, psychedelic rock, and native rhythms of the Andes and Peruvian Amazon. In the eighties, some also called it Chicha, and then tecnocumbia. Peruvian cumbia is not unified from the point of view of style genre.  It has many variants, both geographical and temporal and is continually merging with other genres (such as Huayno, salsa, merengue and even bolero. Mergers also occur between the different sub-genres that comprise it.