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Cecilia Montero (w/ Tito La Rosa): Ancestral Healing Sounds

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Quick Overview:

The Ancient tradition of scared sound as presented here can bring you into deep meditation and help you heal and balance within a shield of protection.




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We all have an inner language that lies in our subconscious mind. This communication system guides our lives as values, beliefs, and attitudes.

In the ancient Peruvian spiritual culture of Peru, there was a system of perfection based on Sound that guided spiritual evolution; it was handed down to those who were entrusted as Keepers of the Sound.

After much walking and trusting, Cecilia Montero and Tito La Rosa have started to remember those sounds of perfection and absolute health. In the form of chanting and music, we bring forth the permeating sound of our Ancestors whose munay (love) can transcend all barriers of fear, disease, hatred, and self-destruction.

Songs on CD:

1. Song to the Earth 6:09
2. Healing Memories 6:18
3. Golden Brain Meditation 5:00
4. Rebirthing Self 4:17
5. Ollantaytambo 4:30
6. Heaven on Earth 6:13
7. Joy 4:03
8. Harmonizing Love 3:14
9. Healing Meditation 7:01
10. Portal to Inner Silence 5:54
11. Future Peace: Beyond Fear 3:51
12. Weaving Peace 3:30

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