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Dudley and Dean Emerson: A Sound Sleep

SKU: cdws11004

Product Dimensions: CD

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Quick Overview:

Sends soothing music of harp, flutes, and Tibetan bowls with gentle nature sounds of rain and ocean waves to help lull the listener into complete relaxation - includes Earth Resonance Frequency, plus Theta and Delta frequencies for deeper relaxation. In a nation of 172 million insomniacs, A Sound Sleep Guided Meditations with Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds offers a solution the ultimate album for falling asleep and staying asleep.



Biography In the '70s, Evenson and his wife Dudley traveled across the country with early portable video equipment to document "the awakening consciousness as it was manifesting in people's lives." The couple eventually settled in Tucson, AZ, and built a small empire with their Soundings of the Planet record company. Their stated purpose was to help people "experience the healing energies of music and natural sounds and get in touch with a more peaceful place inside themselves." Soundings of the Planet has had amazing success in creating and distributing recordings that communicate this goal. Evenson produces many of the label's artists. He also has several albums of his own that combine natural sounds with his softly flowing flute melodies and various other acoustic and electronic instruments.

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