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  1. Gathering_Medicine_by_Angeles_Arrien

    Gathering Medicine by Angeles Arrien

    What lessons can the modern seeker of truth gain from the shaman's way? Join respected anthropologist and folklorist Angeles Arrien as she bridges the past with the present to find powerful methods based on the shamanic tradition for gaining clarity and direction in your life.

    The shaman's way, offers Angeles Arrien, is to gather medicine by reconnecting with yourself on the deepest internal level. This soul work utilizes imagery, reflective questioning, dream work, and storytelling to help you integrate inner and outer experiences. Thus you travel the fourfold path of the ancients to find your personal truth the way back home. Gathering Medicine contains stories, spiritual teachings, and ideas for using timeless shamanic principles in your own modern-day life.

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  2. Meditation_for_Beginners_-_Jack_Kornfield

    Meditation for Beginners - Jack Kornfield

    Have you ever thought about trying meditation, but didn't know how to get started? On Meditation for Beginners, trusted teacher Jack Kornfield uses clear language and step-by-step guidance to show you to start-and stick with-a daily meditation practice. In this complete beginner's course, Jack introduces you to the ôInsightö tradition of meditation that has helped practitioners throughout the ages cultivate profound inner calm and a lasting capacity for happiness. Learn More

  3. Positive_Energy_Practices:_How_to_Attract_Uplifting_People_and_Combat_Energy_Vampires_by_Judith_Orloff

    Positive Energy Practices: How to Attract Uplifting People and Combat Energy Vampires by Judith Orloff

    Your personal energy is a precious commodity, and to live fully, you must vigilantly nurture and protect that energy. Now, with Positive Energy Practices, renowned psychiatrist and intuitive Judith Orloff teaches you a series of techniques, guided meditations, and tools to harness the power of positive energy and combat the influences that drain and deplete us. We can't stop negative circumstances from happening in our lives, but we can learn ways to protect our energy so that we can stay centered in dealing with the stresses that arise, teaches Dr. Judith Orloff. On Positive Energy Practices, she offers many life-saving prescriptions for transforming fatigue, stress, and fear into vibrance, strength, and love. Learn More

  4. Reiki_Meditations_for_Self-Healing_with_Bronwen_Stiene

    Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing with Bronwen Stiene

    When Reiki founder Mikao Usui was asked if his groundbreaking practice could be used for selfhealing, he said: ?If you can?t heal yourself, how can you heal others?? Now, acclaimed author Bronwen Stiene brings you nine essential Reiki techniques focusing on your own well-being, growth, and empowerment. On Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, this expert teacher invites you to join her for a series of energizing guided practices from the Japanese tradition, including: Learn More

  5. Self-Healing_with_Energy_Medicine_with_Andrew_Weil_&_Ann_Marie_Chiasson

    Self-Healing with Energy Medicine with Andrew Weil & Ann Marie Chiasson

    We can help take care of ourselves with diet, exercise, and regular check-ups, but is there more that we can do to optimize our overall health? Dr. Andrew Weil, pioneer of integrative medicine, believes so: ?An integrative approach to health means addressing not only our physical body, but our energetic body as well.? Now on Self-Healing with Energy Medicine, this bestselling author teams up with Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson to offer insights and expert guidance about how to clear blockages to healing, enhance your longevity, and increase your vitality. Learn More

  6. The_2012_Mind_Shift:Meditations_for_Times_of_Accelerating_Change_with_Peter_Russell

    The 2012 Mind Shift:Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change with Peter Russell

    As the date 2012 approaches, a growing circle of visionaries believes that the pace of change in the world?social, scientific, and spiritual?is accelerating rapidly. What?s the best way for you to adapt to these upcoming events? Noted scientist, lifelong meditator, and revolutionary futurist Peter Russell says that the most crucial technique is one of the oldest?meditation. On The 2012 MindShift, this expert on global changes guides you through a series of meditations that he personally designed to help you stay grounded through these turbulent times. Join this acclaimed speaker and author to learn five simple-to practice meditations: Learn More

  7. The Joy of Eating Well

    The Joy of Eating Well by Andrew Weil & Carolyn Ross

    "The Joy of Eating Well" presents a revolutionary program for transforming one's relationship with food and awakening the body's natural wisdom. This richly informative two-session course of practical teachings and exercises shows listeners how to transform their relationship with food, overcome emotional eating, and achieve lasting results. Learn More

  8. The_Wisdom_of_the_Breath_with_Bodhipaksa

    The Wisdom of the Breath with Bodhipaksa

    The answers to the most profound spiritual questions lie within us?but how do we gain access to our deepest wisdom? ?Breathing is a gateway to insight,? reveals Scottish-born teacher Bodhipaksa, ?and meditation gives us the key.? On The Wisdom of Your Breath, this master teacher guides listeners through breath-centered meditations for opening to the inner core of spiritual awareness we all possess.With these three essential practices, he reveals how the breath can help you: Learn More

  9. Walking_with_Grandfather:_The_Wisdom_of_Lakota_Elders_[With_CD]

    Walking with Grandfather: The Wisdom of Lakota Elders [With CD]

    Native American lineage holders have long been cautious about sharing their spiritual truths because the essence of this wisdom has been so often misunderstood. In Walking with Grandfather, authentic Lakota lineage holder and award-winning storyteller Joseph M. Marshall breaks this silence with the very best from a lifetime of lessons passed on to him by his grandfather. With him, you will gain access to the timeless teachings that until now remained largely unheard outside the culture of the Lakota people.

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  10. Whispers:_The_Spirit_of_Now_with_Deepak_Chopra_&_Eckhart_Tolle

    Whispers: The Spirit of Now with Deepak Chopra & Eckhart Tolle

    Whispers: The Spirit of Now weaves powerful affirmational phrases written by two of the most inspiring teachers of our time into an evocative musical soundtrack. Their words?spoken, sung and ?whispered? by Grammy award-winning vocalists?feed your mind and nourish your heart with awakened vitality and abundant joy. Learn More

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