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Good Medicine with Pema Chodron


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The Three Commitments: Walking the Path of Liberation with Pema Chodron

Good Medicine with Pema Chodron

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Within the wisdom teachings of Buddhism, there are many stories that refer to its founder as the Supreme Physician: a healer of all illnessùmental, physical, and spiritual. The Buddha understood suffering and its antidote. His prescription and philosophy for right living led directly to a Tibetan meditation practice that is today the medicine our hearts have been searching for.
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  • 2 CDs (2 hours, 30 minutes), 1 Booklet (4 pages)

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On Good Medicine, the remarkable American-born Tibetan Buddhist nun known as Pema Ch÷dr÷n shares the gift of tonglen, a simple and elegant meditation system for ordinary people like ourselves. Through tonglen, we can use the difficulties in lifeùthose that cause the most sufferingùas a way to befriend ourselves, accept the past we have rejected, and widen our circle of compassion. These traditional breathing meditations cut through obstacles on the spot.

Skillfully distilled into a two-and-a half-hour workshop, Good Medicine offers a revolutionary practice that is already 1,000 years oldùand ready to awaken the hearts of America, right now, wherever and whoever you are.