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The Reiki Touch: Develop Your Skills to Heal Yourself & Others by William Lee Rand


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The_Reiki_Touch:_Develop_Your_Skills_to_Heal_Yourself_&_Others_by_William_Lee_Rand « »


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The Reiki Touch: Develop Your Skills to Heal Yourself & Others by William Lee Rand

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If you've felt the power of Reiki and want to broaden your experience, you now have the most extensive resource available for strengthening your practice of this extraordinary healing art. With The Reiki Touch, Reiki master William Lee Rand combines the advantages of video, audio, reference cards, and written instruction to provide a comprehensive set of tools for uncovering Reiki's most potent secrets. From mastering the fundamental hand positions for healing to using the advanced techniques of By›sen scanning and Gyoshi ho (sending Reiki through the eyes), Rand provides the essential keys to Reiki for beginners and advanced practitioners alike."
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  • 2 CDs (2 hrs, 15 min), 1 DVD (1 hr), 1 Workbook (100 pgs), 30 Cards

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As one of the premier authorities on Reiki in the West, William Lee Rand has guided many thousands of students through every level of Reiki training. Now, this renowned teacher invites you to discover your ability to harness Reiki in ways beyond what has traditionally been taught to many advanced students. Whether you're a long-time Reiki practitioner or you've just received your first attunement, The Reiki Touch will provide the training and understanding you need to excel at this increasingly popular healing art.


The first comprehensive training program for Reiki includes:

  • 60 minute DVD, featuring instruction on hand positions, conducting healing sessions, scanning techniques, and advanced use of Reiki to see auras and past lives
  • 3 guided meditations on CD to strengthen your Reiki energy, deepen your healing experience, and invite a spiritual guide