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Meditation & Guided Practices

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  1. Whispers:_The_Spirit_of_Now_with_Deepak_Chopra_&_Eckhart_Tolle

    Whispers: The Spirit of Now with Deepak Chopra & Eckhart Tolle

    Whispers: The Spirit of Now weaves powerful affirmational phrases written by two of the most inspiring teachers of our time into an evocative musical soundtrack. Their words?spoken, sung and ?whispered? by Grammy award-winning vocalists?feed your mind and nourish your heart with awakened vitality and abundant joy. Learn More

  2. Transmission: Receiving the Living Wisdom of Spiritual Teachers by Jack Kornfield

    Transmission: Receiving the Living Wisdom of Spiritual Teachers by Jack Kornfield

    What is transmitted from a spiritual teacher to a student? The possibilities of love and freedom, of living in a joyful heart. Extraordinary spiritual teachers empower us, pointing us towards our own awakening. In their presence, we can feel the qualities of enlightenment rather than just hearing about them, and we are inspired to see in a new way. With Transmission, author and teacher Jack Kornfield shares eight sessions of in-depth teachings illuminating the student-teacher relationship. Through a treasure trove of personal stories about the Dalai Lama, Chögyam Trungpa, Dipa Ma, Ajahn Chah, and other masters, we see how teachers embody the many facets of the jewel of enlightened consciousness—including humor, discipline, humility, joyousness, uncanny perspicacity, and unfathomable compassion—and how we too can fully awaken these qualities in ourselves.

    Learn More

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  3. Tibetan_Meditation_Music_with_Nawang_Khechog

    Tibetan Meditation Music with Nawang Khechog

    Tapping into the richness of Tibet's meditation tradition, Nawang Khechog has created his most relaxing album yet?wholly focused on helping you experience inner stillness.On Tibetan Meditation Music, Nawang combines Tibetan spiritual chants with his own masterful flute compositions. Learn More

  4. The_Wisdom_of_the_Breath_with_Bodhipaksa

    The Wisdom of the Breath with Bodhipaksa

    The answers to the most profound spiritual questions lie within us?but how do we gain access to our deepest wisdom? ?Breathing is a gateway to insight,? reveals Scottish-born teacher Bodhipaksa, ?and meditation gives us the key.? On The Wisdom of Your Breath, this master teacher guides listeners through breath-centered meditations for opening to the inner core of spiritual awareness we all possess.With these three essential practices, he reveals how the breath can help you: Learn More

  5. The Power of Prayer with Caroline Myss

    The Power of Prayer with Caroline Myss

    Insight, Transformation, and Truth?The Power of Prayer Learn More

  6. The_Greatest_Discovery_with_Gangaji

    The Greatest Discovery with Gangaji

    Freedom. Truth. Discovery. It's Who You Are. Have you ever felt that you've yet to be fully and truly alive? That just beyond reach, there might be something far more vast, immediate, and real? What you've sensed was the absolute You beckoning, teaches Gangaji, the boundless awareness and love that is your true nature.  And with The Greatest Discovery, you are invited to answer that call to this ecstatic expanse of being. Learn More

  7. The_Art_of_Mindful_Living_by_Thich_Nhat_Hanh

    The Art of Mindful Living by Thich Nhat Hanh

    Zen meditation master Thich Nhat Hanh offers his practical teachings about how to bring love and mindful awareness into our daily experience. Kind, purposeful, and illuminating—here is an abundant treasure of traditional gathas (teachings) that unify meditation practice with the challenges we face in today's world.

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  8. The_2012_Mind_Shift:Meditations_for_Times_of_Accelerating_Change_with_Peter_Russell

    The 2012 Mind Shift:Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change with Peter Russell

    As the date 2012 approaches, a growing circle of visionaries believes that the pace of change in the world?social, scientific, and spiritual?is accelerating rapidly. What?s the best way for you to adapt to these upcoming events? Noted scientist, lifelong meditator, and revolutionary futurist Peter Russell says that the most crucial technique is one of the oldest?meditation. On The 2012 MindShift, this expert on global changes guides you through a series of meditations that he personally designed to help you stay grounded through these turbulent times. Join this acclaimed speaker and author to learn five simple-to practice meditations: Learn More

  9. Secrets_of_Meditation_Software_Set_Deepak_Chopra

    Secrets of Meditation Software Set Deepak Chopra

    Unleash Your Full Potential with Secrets of Meditation Learn More

  10. Secret of Love-deepak-chopra

    Secret of Love: Meditations for Attracting and Being in Love with Deepak Chopra

    Eight intimate and powerful sutra passages on themes like Attraction, Intimacy and Passion, as well as two never-before recorded Rumi poems are recited by Deepak in a guided mediation underscored with sensual and dynamic music composed and performed by Adam Plack, Deepak’s collaborator on such albums as A Gift Of Love:The Love Poems of Rumi, The Soul Of Healing Meditations, and Chakra Balancing: Body, Mind and Soul. In this new approach to meditation, Deepak emphasizes the simplicity of this practice, making this a perfect series for beginners and seasoned meditators alike. Learn More

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