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Buddhist Ritual Bell And Dorje

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Product Dimensions: Bell (6.5''h) Dorje (4''l)

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Quick Overview:

Bells and dorjes are used in many Tibetan Buddhist rituals. The bell symbolizes the feminine principle, the wisdom of emptiness, while the dorje, or vajra, symbolizes the masculine principle, that of compassion expressed through skillful means. The union of these two principles is enlightened mind. Our beautifully and intricately decorated bell and dorje set is crafted in the Tibetan Lingtsang colony in northern India.

Detailed Information:
  • Fair Trade
  • Hand Made


The Lingtsang Tibetan settlement is located at Manduwala village about 30 km from a town called Dehra Dun. The settlement was established basically through the community initiative of those who live there with some assistance from local state government and the Tibetan exile administration in Dharamsala. It is one of the smaller Tibetan settlements in India. It has no land except for homesteads and community property. The total area of the settlement is 18 acres.  The main livelihood of the settlers is entirely based on small scale businesses of hand made metal-crafts, mainly religious items, such as cymbals, lamps, trumpets, etc.

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