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Featuring unique hand made, fair trade and ethically traded jewelry from artisans in Nepal, Peru, Tibet, Inda and the USA. Designs crafted from Sterling Silver, alpaca silver, semi-precious stones as well as simple seeds and beads from our friends in the Amazon. Find your unique look in a bracelet, pendant, necklace, earring or ring. You can even target your search by region or theme.


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  1. Puma Yachay (Wisdom of the Puma)-Laser Print

    Quality Laser print of the renowned Peruvian artist Pablo Amaringo. A portion of the profit supports Amaringo's Usko-Ayar School of Painting in Peru.
  2. Tibetan Treasure Box - Endless Knot

    •  Knot/Flower/Wheel

    Our Endless Knot Tibetan Treasure Box is indeed a treasure. Attractively and richly hand painted using the best mineral colors in the execution, making it one of the best examples of Tibetan furniture decoration found on this type of chest. Raised design gives an exquisite yet rustic look. Practical place to store your ritual objects or other personal or household items. Finished with brass tone metal hasp which could be secured with your own small padlock (not included.) Box measures 4.5 inches wide by 4 inches high by 4 inches deep. All boxes have a representation of the Endless Knot combined with two other symbols. Knot will appear on either top, front or side. Choose below from two different styles: Endless Knot / Flower / Wheel or Endless Knot / Flower / Shell. Crafted in Nepal.

  3. Wool lap throw blanket, 'Highland Spring'

    The Yurivilca Family takes their inspiration from Jauja, the first capital of colonial Peru located in Junín. Conjuring the array of wildflowers that bloom in spring, they weave a colorful wool throw. Red borders are cheerful and bright. 

    Small enough to be a lap robe, it is styled after the mantas, or "cloaks" worn in Ayacucho and sometimes used to carry babies.

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3 Item(s)