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Featuring unique hand made, fair trade and ethically traded jewelry from artisans in Nepal, Peru, Tibet, Inda and the USA. Designs crafted from Sterling Silver, alpaca silver, semi-precious stones as well as simple seeds and beads from our friends in the Amazon. Find your unique look in a bracelet, pendant, necklace, earring or ring. You can even target your search by region or theme.


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  1. Alpaca Silver Choker Necklace w/Serpentine Stone

    Comely choker length alpaca silver necklace features a center accent stone of green circle shaped Peruvian serpentine suspended from a curved silver collar. Chain is embellished with tiny same-color green and tiny round silver beads. Three large silver beads are placed above to emphasize center stone. Lobster claw closure. Peru.

  2. Choker Necklace w/Lapis Lazuli Stone Teardrop

    Beautiful choker length alpaca silver and stone necklace features a teardrop center stone of deep Peruvian lapis lazuli blue streaked with lighter blue layers, suspended from a curved silver collar chain embellished with a single silver bead.  Small silver beads separate the smaller lapis lazuli beads.  Lobster claw closure. Peru.
  3. Peruvian Silver Choker w/ Lapis Lazuli Teardrops and Stones

    Feel like royalty wearing this intricate silver filagree-worked choker length chain with statement-making centerpiece. Braided silver design provides a regal look and large teardrop shaped blue stone provides a fascinating focus. Reversible: stones can be seen on both sides. Pendant hangs 5 inches. Chain is 16 inches around. Lobster claw closure. Hand worked silver from Peru.

  4. Rosewood Mala with Drawsting Bag

    The gentle touch of rosewood is popular for the warmth it can bring to any spiritual practice. Carefully made in Dharamsala with a durable coated nylon wire, this mala was made to be a partner in a lifetime on the path. Tibetan rosaries (malas) are traditionally used for a special Buddhist practice. The bead size typically ranges from 7 to 9mm diameter. Comes in a beautiful cloth bag.
  5. Shipibo Amazon Seed Bead Necklace w/ Ayahuasca Vine Pendant

    Our Shipibo Amazon Jungle Seed Bead Necklace is made from black Choloque (Sapindus sapanaria) seeds, very tiny black beads, a single red huayruro seed and an authentic crosswise cut piece of the ayahuasca plant vine fashioned as a pendant. Carefully and skillfully hand-made by the Shipibo-Conibo living in the Peruvian Amazon creating a beautiful unique statement. Necklace measures approximately 20-21.5 inches long. Each pendant is unique and measures 2 - 4 inches long by 2 inches in width.  Loop/seed closure.  Handmade in Peru.

  6. Tulasi Wood Prayer Bead Mala - 10 mm

    The wood of a sacred tree in Vrindavana, India called Tulasi was used to carve these mala prayer beads. Use these mala beads in meditation as traditional mala beads or wear as healing jewelry. Strand of 108 10 mm beads on white thread, unknotted. 36 inch strand

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6 Item(s)