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Featuring unique hand made, fair trade and ethically traded jewelry from artisans in Nepal, Peru, Tibet, Inda and the USA. Designs crafted from Sterling Silver, alpaca silver, semi-precious stones as well as simple seeds and beads from our friends in the Amazon. Find your unique look in a bracelet, pendant, necklace, earring or ring. You can even target your search by region or theme.


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  1. Lapis Lazuli Ring - Sterling Silver

    This ring is made of high quality .950 sterling silver. US woman's size 6.5, or 16.9 mm dia.  Crafted in Peru.   

  2. Peruvian Silver & Stone Sacred Sun Inti Pendant & Pin

    This silvery sunny face pendant doubles as a pin and is set with eyes and mouth of turquoise and rays with insets of spondylus and mother of pearl, looks beautiful worn on a black ground such as a wool coat or fuzzy rust colored sweater. Hand crafted in Peru.

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  3. Peruvian Silver Chakana Pendant - 1.5 in sq - Convex

    Stunningly simple and elegant, our hand-wrought sterling silver chakana pendant rises softly with its slightly convex surface giving a graceful curve.  The chakana shape is rich in shamanic symbolism.  The cross is 1.5 by 1.5 inches square and the chain loop adds .5 inches to the height.  Skillfully handcrafted in Peru.

  4. Peruvian Silver Chakana Star & Moon Pendant

    Sterling silver chakana-shaped pendant with inlaid designs of Moon and Star, as well as chakanas, circles and squares. Inlaid with semi-precious stones and shell such as jade, lapis, spondylus, espondilo, turquoise and mother of pearl.  Due to the handmade character of these pieces, a slight variation may occur in colors of the stones and shell and the tear drop stone on pendant holder.  Hand crafted in Cuzco, Peru. Chain sold separately. 

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  5. Peruvian Silver, Stone and Crystal Pendant - Hummingbird

    Artfully conceived hand-crafted pendant with intricate details in sterling silver encasing polished semi-precious turquoise and crystal. This pendant features the isiwar qenti, hummingbird; a prominent animal in some teachings of Incan cosmology. Silver spirals and swirls with draping strands of silver surround the central stone. Handcrafted in Cusco, Peru.

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5 Item(s)