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Oils and Fragrances

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  1. Shamans_Market_Lavender_Organic_Essential_Oil_15_ml

    Shamans Market Lavender Organic Essential Oil 15 ml

    Lavender essential oil is a natural relaxant and is used universally for its calming effects. It is an antidepressant and is used to calm a stressed spirit, anxiety, and hysteria. It is wonderful for inducing a restful sleep. A drop on the pillowcase, in the bath, or in a synergy massaged into the soles of the feet and hands leads to a peaceful night and waking up with less muscle tenseness that lasts throughout the day Learn More

  2. Shamans_Market_Ruda_(Rue)_Essential_Oil_15_ml

    Shamans Market Ruda (Rue) Essential Oil 15 ml

    Rue oil may be applied to the skin. It has been used to relieve arthritis pain and also for treating soft tissue injuries such as bruises and sprains. The strong smell of rue has made it popular in some parts of the world as an effective insect repellent, with either fresh rue leaves or rue oil rubbed onto the skin. Learn More

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