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Oils and Fragrances

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  1. Star Essence Transcendence Spray

    Star Essence Transcendence Spray

    Transcendence Spray. Ascend into the Kingdom of Light & DeLight. Go Beyond the Ordinary, into the Realms of the Extraordinary Open to Your Spiritual Gifts.
    Spray your crown chakra and be lifted. Become more and more spiritually enLightened and affect the world in wondrous ways. Bring in your highest potential as a brilliant co-creator and Master of Light. Open to receiving your spiritual gifts. A few of these gifts include: intuition increased, creativity expanded, clairvoyant and empathic abilities developed and enhanced. Excellent for meditation.  Sold in blue glass spray bottle.  2 oz.  Made in USA.

    Learn More

  2. Star_Essence_Prosperity_Alchemy_Spray_-Open_and_Willing_to_Receive

    Star Essence Prosperity Alchemy Spray -Open and Willing to Receive

    Use this essence consistently with intent, energy and action. Your desire, emotion and imagination directly affect your prosperity consciousness. This essence helps propel you into that frequency. Affirm your generosity and gratitude. Gratitude ignites hidden sources of energy and light, lifting you to new levels of joy and peace. A grateful heart is the most powerful force in the universe. Prosperity is natural and lavish abundance is our nature. There is infinite abounding wealth. Financial well being comes with ease. Abundance is constantly flowing from source. You are wildly optimistic and let good fortune leap all over you. This essence is a treasure! Expect abundance and wealth from unexpected sources. Learn More

  3. Star_Essence_Crystal_Clear_Spray_-_2_oz.

    Star Essence Crystal Clear Spray - 2 oz.

    Clear Crystals; Clear Yourself; Clear Energy; Anchor Your Light Body. This very powerful spray brings one in touch with their light body and prepares the way for anchoring one's higher self into the physical body. It filters through the aura leaving it radiant with pure golden light. Excellent for space clearing as it disperses residual energy in treatment/therapy rooms, crystals and hands after doing healing work. A healer's favorite. Recommended for any healing modality. Learn More

  4. Star_Essence_Cool_Flash_Spray_-_2_oz.

    Star Essence Cool Flash Spray - 2 oz.

    Chill Out; to Balance Body Temperature; Magical for Menopause; Nice to Keep in the Refrigerator. This spray can facilitate a fun, gentle, easy, graceful and empowering menopause. Promotes balanced metabolism and body temperature. The essential oils are considered to be beauty oils, bacteria busters, hormone regulators and morale boosters. They are excellent for the skin, helping to keep wrinkles at bay. Induces improved sleep and dream recall. In this deeply profound, powerful time of life, be cool. Spray your temples, pulse points, or you can spray your whole body. Keep some in the refrigerator for a refreshing mist! Learn More

  5. Qori_Inti_Shaman's_Aura_Spray

    Qori Inti Shaman's Aura Spray

    Shaman's Aura Spray (60 ml): Cleansing and uplifting, this ancient formula was intended for ceremonial use. It is used as purification and spiritual protection, and can be used as a body spray or for the home. Also used for headaches, insect bites and deodorant. Learn More

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