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Oils & Fragrances

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  1. 7 Poderes Perfume

    This popular Peruvian perfume has seven specific powers which are as follows:

    1. To favor the success in the business and abundance of crops.
    2. To favor the good outcomes of law suits.
    3. To favor inheritance unexpected fortunes.
    4. To grant successes in professional careers or employment.
    5. It helps to multiply your money.
    6. To favor the success in trips or distant business.
    7. It brings luck in lotteries and all kinds of gaming.

  2. Agua Sacral 250 ml

    Agua Sacral is a very powerful and sacred product. It is stronger in energy than the Peruvian Florida Water and has an intense, intricate scent. It contains a special blend of 10 pure essential oils including Palo Santo oil, alcohol of natural South American origin and lots of other (secret) ingredients.  Combining this with an alchemistic and special way of blending the water, creates a magical product that is unique and one of a kind.

  3. Perfume Quiromantico - Abre Camino

    Perfume found in the Shamans Markets of Peru it is often is used as an ingredient in seguros.

  4. Perfume Quiromantico - Contra Hechizo

    This fragrance is made from the formulas of healers of the forest. It is to be used for daily protection to repel spells that are placed on a person by his or her enemies. Its contains exotic plant and flower essences.

  5. Perfume Quiromantico - Levantador

    This Perfume is an extract of the roots of live and esoteric plants such as Hiebras Doncella, Savila, Rosemary, Ash Tree, Hazelnut and Pine. It also contains the spirit of the great teachers of the Peruvian Forest. When your fortitude is low and you think that your life disappears in the suspense, then it is time to use this Esoteric Perfume, which has the roots of these diverse plants, that have the virtue of giving you OPTIMISM.

  6. San Cipriano Perfume

    This Peruvian perfume is traditionally used for protection, to keep heavy energy away, and to protect one from negative energy that may be projected your way. San Cipiriano is revered by people from many different countries who gather in pilgrimages to ask for protection from the bad vibes around us.  Comes in a 5.5 inch sealed brown glass 3.7 oz (110 ml) bottle and a 2.5 inch red candle and instructions. Made in Peru.

  7. Shamans Market 7 Chakra Organic Floral Water

    Please join us in the pleasure and power of the experience of our 7 Chakra Floral Water. This exquisite blend smells heavenly and has six elements specifically directed at the 7 Chakras of traditional yoga. Combining Texas Cedar, Ylang-ylang, Geranium, Sweet Lavender, Patchouli and Frankinsense, this wonderful blend balances and delights while cleansing and opening. It is pure love in a bottle.

  8. Shamans Market Organic Agua de Floral

    Organic lavender-based cologne product made from ethyl instead of methyl alcohol. Using the finest essential oil and organic lavender extract, we have developed a product which can be used by shamanic practitioners to hold in the mouth and then sacredly emit a spray for ritually clearing objects and spaces, a practice known as phukuy by some Peruvian shamanic followers. Agua de Floral is far safer to use in the mouth. Comes in a 5 ounce glass bottle. Made in USA.

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8 Item(s)