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  1. ANDEANsolrocks_-_Pathway_of_Light

    ANDEANsolrocks - Pathway of Light

    Stones, given as a gift from Pachamama (Mother Earth), are receptacles of information and power in the Andean tradition and have been used for centuries as tools for healing. These 22 stones come from Lake Titicca, Peru.  Each stone has a symbol drawn on them by the villagers of Chucuito, Peru. 

    ANDEANsolrocks is both a personal, playful game of stones and a mysterious oracle into Andean beliefs and culture. Set contains twenty two handpainted stones with their symbols, book, cards, small deck of 22 cards representing each symbol and small woven zipper storage bag.

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  2. Chumpi_Stone_-_7_Point_Piece Chumpi_Stone_-_7_Point_Piece

    Chumpi Stone - 7 Point "Meteorite" Piece

    Our seven point chumpi stone is patiently and skillfully carved from what the people of Peru call meteorite stone. Physically this stone is very heavy and energetically very alive. The seven points represent the position the stone takes on a shaman's sacred mesa cloth (in relation to other stones), and in turn, the specific mountain of the twelve mountains which surround Cusco.  The mountain associated with 7 is Apu Machu Picchu.   Hand crafted in Peru.

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  3. Crystal_Shaman_Figure_-_2.5_in. Crystal_Shaman_Figure_-_2.5_in.

    Crystal Shaman Figure - 2.5 in.

    Exquisitely hand-carved shaman sitting cross-legged with hands resting on knees. Carved from crystal. Can be used on your altar as a medicine piece.  

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