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Sacred Items

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  1. Wood_sculpture,_'Way_of_Enlightenment' Wood_sculpture,_'Way_of_Enlightenment'

    Wood sculpture, 'Way of Enlightenment'

    Suggesting an ancient stone sculpture, this gracious carving depicts Buddha's hand offering a way of enlightenment. Gold foil graces the palm and fingertips. Ning Charoensri carves the expressive piece from rain tree wood.

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  2. Wood_sculpture,_'Take_My_Hand' Wood_sculpture,_'Take_My_Hand'

    Wood sculpture, 'Take My Hand'

    Reaching out from past to present, Buddha's hand offers a way of peace. Ning Charoensri carves the graceful gesture as a decorative sculpture or a business card holder. A constant reminder of Buddha's enlightenment, the piece is mounted on a stand of iron and rain tree wood. Learn More

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