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Sacred Items

Sacred Items

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  1. Kadam Mala with Drawsting Bag

    The aromatic wood of the sustainably harvested kadam tree is our choice for replacing our traditional offering of Sandalwood malas. Kadam tree flowers provide an enticing fragrance. Commercially, they are used in the creation of attar, a scented oil for Indian perfumes, as well as all kinds of carpentry. The flowers are associated with the monsoon season when they are known to bloom. The monsoon thunder signals the buds to open, and the winds become laden with their perfume. Even the hollows of kadam tree trunks collect rain water flavoured with the kadam flower sweetness. Counting mantras with this fragrant rosary will scent the fingers. Comes in a beautiful cloth bag.

  2. Lotus Seed Wrist Mala-Stretchy

    Tibetan Lotus Seed Wrist Mala. This stretchy bracelet mala is made of 23 seed beads of 7 mm. Attractive gold tassel. Made in Nepal.

  3. Om Mani Bone Bead Wrist Mala-Stretchy

    Tibetan Bone Wrist Mala. Hand painted on each bead with the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. This stretchy bracelet mala is made of 27 dyed bone beads (size 7-8 mm) and an extra guru bead to keep track of meditation cycles. Made in Nepal.

  4. Rosewood Mala with Drawsting Bag

    The gentle touch of rosewood is popular for the warmth it can bring to any spiritual practice. Carefully made in Dharamsala with a durable coated nylon wire, this mala was made to be a partner in a lifetime on the path. Tibetan rosaries (malas) are traditionally used for a special Buddhist practice. The bead size typically ranges from 7 to 9mm diameter. Comes in a beautiful cloth bag.
  5. Tibetan Bodhi Seed Prayer Bead Mala - 108 Beads

    This large and long mala is handmade from high-quality bodhi seeds strung on red cord. Each bead is 12 mm wide. Beautiful turquoise spacer beads help guide you around the mala. Two strands of mala counters embellished with silver dorje and bell charms help count each of your rotations around the mala. Two lotus flower bum counters are also affixed to the strand of beads for tracking the higher number of recitations. 46 inches around. Finished with red knotted twin tassels. Handmade in Nepal.

  6. Tibetan Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala

    Because it is made with seeds from the Buddha wisdom tree, a bodhi seed mala is considered auspicious to use for all practices. This mala is designed to help keep your place in the rhythmic recitations of mantra prayers. Made from locals residing in Kathmandu Valley, each bead measures 10mm diameter. It also features a red cord with knotted detail. Strung on a stretchy brown cord. Handmade in Nepal.

  7. Tibetan Buddhist 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Healing Prayer Bead Mala

    This set of Prayer Beads, called a Mala or Rosary is made of finely selected, 7 mm, peppercorn sized, five mukhi rudraksah beads.  Thread-knotted in traditional style with red tassel, this Rudraksha rosary is best for doing Japa or chanting mantras to all deities.  You may keep it in your puja altar for positive vibrations or as a garland for your deity idol. You may also wear it around your neck.  It is best to avoid wearing this with other rudraksha combinations.  Measures 34 inches long which allows for it either to be worn around the neck or coiled around the wrist.  Made with the Tibetan Buddhist's traditional number of beads: 108. Handmade in Nepal.  

  8. Tibetan Lapis Bead Wrist Mala-Adjustable

    Nice looking wrist mala is made from 8 mm semi-precious lapis beads. Mala measures approximately 9 inches around with adjustable cord allowing for variation in wrist size. Embellished with a rust tone cord and tassel strung from guru bead. Handmade in Nepal.

  9. Tibetan Lotus Seed Japa Prayer Beads - 108 Beads

    Lotus flowers are symbols of purity and 'spontaneous' generation and hence symbolize divine birth, when the virtues of the Buddha develop within. This is why the Buddha sits on a lotus in bloom. Traditional 108 bead lotus seed mala, or prayer beads, complete with guru bead. Bead size 6 mm. Embellished with coral tone spacer beads and attractive knotted brown cord. Made in Nepal.
  10. Tibetan Lotus Seed Mala - 108 Beads

    This Tibetan rosary or mala is traditionally used for a special Buddhist practice. There are 108 negative emotions to overcome and this Mala is strung with 108 beads in order to say a mantra for each one. Bead size is 7 mm diameter. Hand-strung on a stretchy cord. Three accent beads. Finished with a beautiful silky red knotted cotton cord. Handmade in Nepal.

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Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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