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Sacred Items

Sacred Items

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  1. Chonta Crosses

    •  3" x 6"
    •  2" x 4"

    This rustic cross is made from the sacred wood of the Chonta palm tree or Chonta Duro.  Shamans have been known to use the sharp long spikes found on chonta tree trunks as "darts" to take out evil spirits which casue illness. The staffs carried by some Shamans are also made of chonta wood.  This cross makes a great piece for your altar or sacred space. Select your choice from available sizes. Handmade in Peru.

  2. Mayoral Staff - 20 inch

    This mayoral staff is hand-made of chonta wood and embellished with chains and bands of alpaca silver. Staffs such as these are traditionally given to the mayor as a symbol of his position. Often used by northern coastal curanderos as an arte on their mesas and used in their healing practice. Peru.

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  3. Palo Santo Wood Heart

    Heart shape lovingly carved from the wood of the intriguing Palo Santo, or Holy Stick, tree which represents both the life-force creating Mother and cycle of dissolution. Use these hearts on your personal altar or other space to represent these archetypes and enjoy the gentle fragrance which emanates from the heart. Choose from three sizes: 2, 2.5 or 3 inches.

  4. Peruvian Ceremonial Chonta Wood Staff

    Hand carved ceremonial chonta wood staff like those used by the shamans of the Peruvian North Coast in connection with their healing ceremonies. Typically arranged in an upright row at the head of the ceremonial altar ground, along with swords or long knives, it is believed the staff holds the energy of the shaman's many helpful, healing saints and spirits, represented by the image carved into the staff. Also used as a part of the all-night San Pedro ceremony. Since the staffs are hand-carved, slight variations occur.

  5. Wooden Jewelry Box - Elephant

    Our small jewelry box is hand made of wood and can be used for storing jewelry & smaller accessories or supplies. Hinged lid is inset with a brass walking elephant, trunk upright for good luck. If you are looking for a special gift or a beautiful way to organize your jewelry or smaller artes, this is perfect for you. The box is made by artisans from Nepal. 

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5 Item(s)