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Sacred Items

Sacred Items

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  1. Peruvian Juchas Rumis Stones Set

    A set of seven sacred juchas rumis is typically used by pacos and curanderos for clearing the energy field of density, negativity and guilt. The khuyas in this set of juchas rumis are sourced from one of the most sacred locations for the Andean people of Peru: Lake Titicaca, located on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Sacred stone set comes with shell, palo santo stick, huarayros seeds, llama fat, extra stone, gently used carrying cloth and beaded watana tie. Peru.

  2. Pachamama-Pachapapa Stone Carving Set - Large

    What else could this hand carved stone couple represent but fertility? We lovingly refer to them as Pachamama and Pachapapa. Use these figures as you invoke your feminine and masculine energies. Product is on sale due to a slight nose chip on Pachamama.  Hand crafted in Peru.

    Damage to the face.

  3. Otorongo Jaguar Carving

    Masterfully carved from a very dense, rich black stone, this ortorongo's or jaguar's surface is honed to a velvety smooth finish featuring circular and spiral markings. Due to the handmade character of the piece, your jaguar may vary slightly from the carving depicted. Hand carved in Peru.

  4. Love Large Wand

    LOVE (Unconditional)

    Stones: Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystal

    Planetary Influence: Venus and Neptune

    Chakras: 4th and 6th

  5. Large Chakra Balancer Wand

    1st = Root - Garnet or Apache Tear
    2nd = Navel - Carnelian or Goldstone
    3rd = Solar - Citrine or Tiger Eye
    4th = Heart - Aventurine
    5th = Throat - Blue Lace Agate
    6th = Third Eye - Sodalite
    7th = Crown - Amethyst
    The purpose of the Chakra Balancer is to realign and balance the energy fields of each specific chakra, thus aligning and harmonizing mind, body, and soul. It will aid in dissolving stress, removing blocks and an overall sense of better health, joy and abundance.

    Each wand is individually made, so no 2 pieces are exactly alike. Dreamseeds large wands are approx 9-11 inches long. All large wands come with velvet bag and information card.

  6. Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Large Wand


    Reiki II

    Distance Healing

    Karmic Healing

  7. Hiwaya Stone Condor

    Our hand carved condor is created from a stone called hiwaya in the Quechua language. This type of stone is similar to hematite. The artistry of the piece shows the condor with wings uplifted in all its splendor and ready to soar.  Hand carved in Peru.

  8. Healer Large Wand

    HEALER (Health)

    Stones: Aventurine, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystal

    Planetary Influence: Neptune and Saturn

    Chakras: 3rd and 6th

  9. Fearless Large Wand


    Planetary Influence: Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus & Saturn

    Chakras: 4th, 5th & 6th

  10. Dai Ko Myo Large Wand


    Reiki Master


    Great Ray of Enlightenment

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Items 11 to 20 of 27 total

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