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Sacred Items

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  1. Tibetan_Thigh_Bone_Trumpet_-_Kangling

    Tibetan Thigh Bone Trumpet - Kangling

    Old human thighbone kangling. The bone is is sound and both ends are decorated with silver, with nice repoussé work of dragons at the knuckle end. There is faux turquoise set into both ends and rings for streamers or the traditional 5 color brocade tail, representing the 5 elements and the 5 directions (center,  N, S , E and W).  A good instrument for ritual practice.

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  2. Chinese_Hongshan_Carved_Shaman_-_Dragon Chinese_Hongshan_Carved_Shaman_-_Dragon

    Chinese Hongshan Carved Shaman - Dragon

    Intriguing Chinese stone carving appearing to consist of two unique figures, said to represent a shaman in a trance, morphing into a dragon or other creature. Resembling carvings attributed to the Hongshan culture, this carving includes a bottom insert hole, indicating that it may have been bound to a pole and possibly used for ceremony.  Some describe these figures as alien carvings.  Learn More

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