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Sacred Items

Sacred Items

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  1. Kadam Mala with Drawsting Bag

    The aromatic wood of the sustainably harvested kadam tree is our choice for replacing our traditional offering of Sandalwood malas. Kadam tree flowers provide an enticing fragrance. Commercially, they are used in the creation of attar, a scented oil for Indian perfumes, as well as all kinds of carpentry. The flowers are associated with the monsoon season when they are known to bloom. The monsoon thunder signals the buds to open, and the winds become laden with their perfume. Even the hollows of kadam tree trunks collect rain water flavoured with the kadam flower sweetness. Counting mantras with this fragrant rosary will scent the fingers. Comes in a beautiful cloth bag.

  2. Pachamama & Pachapapa Brass Figurines

    What else could this brass statue set represent but fertility? We lovingly refer to them as Pachamama and Pachapapa. Use these figures as you invoke and balance your feminine and masculine energies. Covered in a aesthetically appealing brass patina.  Handcrafted in Peru.

  3. Peruvian Ceremonial Chonta Wood Staff

    •  King-Sun
    •  Right Palm-Sun
    •  San Cipriano-Horseshoe
    •  Saint-Heart
    •  Cactus-Star
    •  Left Palm-Moon
    •  Left Palm-Horseshoe
    •  Queen-Moon

    This staff is carved into the likeness of kuntur, the Andean condor, a raptor and the largest bird capable of flight. It is also known as the king vulture. The condor is our messenger from the Cosmos and connects the reality of the Light Beings [of the Hanaqpacha or sky, heaven] to this reality. Kuntur is capable of seeing very near and very far the perfection of creation without judgment. Kuntur flies in different dimensions, but soars in this reality. 


    The shamans of the Peruvian North Coast use staffs llike this one, carved from the wood of a chonta palm, as implements on their healing mesas. These staffs are arranged in an upright row at the head of this ceremonial altar along with swords or long knives. Holding the energy of each of the shaman’s many helpful, healing saints and spirits, these staffs are used as a part of the all-night San Pedro ceremony. This staff, which also includes the eight pointed sun, is hand carved in Peru.  Your staff will vary slightly from the image in that it will be longer.

  4. Tibetan Sandalwood Prayer Bead Mala

    This set of Prayer Beads, called a Mala or Rosary is made of Sandalwood (Santalum album), a very fragrant, fine-grained, yellow wood from Asia. Treasured for centuries, having a slight, but lovely, sandalwood scent.  You may keep it in your puja altar for positive vibrations or as a garland for your deity idol. You may also wear it around your neck.  Measures approximately 30 inches long which allows for it either to be worn around the neck or coiled around the wrist.  Made with the Tibetan Buddhist's traditional number of beads: 108. Also includes a guru bead, called the three-hole bead or tower bead.  Embellished with a gold tassel strung from a guru bead.  Handmade in Nepal. 

  5. Tibetan Turquoise Om Prayer Wheel - Tabletop

    Our Tibetan Buddhist table top prayer wheel, sometimes referred to as a Mani wheel, is brightly colored, reaches 4 inches tall, spans 2 inches in diameter and is constructed of copper and brass. Intricate filagree work graces the top and sides and colored cabachon stones decorate the top. The Buddhist mantra Om Mane Padmeis pieced around the outside of prayer wheel. The cylinder can be set in motion by manually twisting the top of the piece. The cylinder contains a paper roll on which Buddhist texts are printed. According to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition based on the lineage texts regarding prayer wheels, spinning such a wheel will have much the same meritorious effect as orally reciting the prayers. Use your prayer wheel to accumulate wisdom and merit (good karma) and to purify negativities (bad karma). Made in Nepal.

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5 Item(s)