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  1. Ask Bob Pendulum - Brass Pyramid

    Reviewed as the most responsive pendulum by New Age Retailer. Ask Bob is a beautiful solid brass pyramid pendulum with a unique double-pyramid design that provides clear and precise responses. It comes with simple illustrated instructions that allows anyone to quickly learn the art of pendulum dowsing, including tips for expert dowsing.
  2. Pendulum - Bronze THOTH

    Bronze Thoth pendulum is a replica of the pendulum found in the Great Pyramids. It is said this Egyptian pendulum easily charges itself with the waveform of whatever we want to know. It's a common pendulum in France.
  3. Pendulum - Egyptian Style Clear Quartz Crystal

    Crystal Is a great beginner's stone for a pendulum. It is very spiritual and powerful. If you are not too sure what you are doing, then start with this Rock Crystal; it is a good teacher.  Each pendulum is about 2.25 inches long and the chain is about 6 inches long. Only the priesthood were allowed these instruments in the ancient times. Our pendulums are made to the very same ancient design that they used.  

  4. Pendulum - Four Directions Animal Totems

    A totally unique pendulum from the remaining inventory of US shaman-artist Steve Omilinsky.  Crafted from base metal castings and chain link, this pendulum features stylized animal totems representing the sacred four directions of the medicine wheel:  serpent, jaguar, condor and hummingbird.  Your choice of color: antique gold, antique brass and antique silver.  Handmade in the USA.  

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4 Item(s)