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  1. Worry Dolls 2 Inch w/Pouch

    This charming set of six two-inch tall girl worry dolls come in their own colorful cotton fabric pouch with ribbon drawstring. Individual dolls wear traditional colorful head scarves, blouse and skirts. Pouch measures 6 x 7 inches. Pouch colors vary. Average doll height is 2 inches although slight variation possible.  Made in Guatemala of 100% cotton. Your purchase supports a Guatemalan based foundation which provides women's weaving groups and small family businesses with regular income opportunities and social programs in health, education and artistry skill building.  

  2. Worry Dolls - 2 inch- Set of 12

    These Worry dolls, or trouble dolls as they are sometimes called, are two inch colorful figures traditionally hand made in Guatemala. Give your worries away by expressing them to a doll and place it under your pillow before going to sleep. It is said the little dolls will take away your troubles during the night and you will wake up worry free. Girl dolls have a band around their headscarves and wear skirts while boy dolls have no headband and wear pants. Made from thread and cloth windings around wire. Choose from Boy or Girl Doll styles. Sold in sets of 12. Average doll size is 2 inches high and 0.5 inches wide. Handmade in Guatemala.

  3. Pendulum - Egyptian Style Clear Quartz Crystal

    Crystal Is a great beginner's stone for a pendulum. It is very spiritual and powerful. If you are not too sure what you are doing, then start with this Rock Crystal; it is a good teacher.  Each pendulum is about 2.25 inches long and the chain is about 6 inches long. Only the priesthood were allowed these instruments in the ancient times. Our pendulums are made to the very same ancient design that they used.  

  4. Llama Doll - 7 inches

    These adorable llamas are made from real and very soft alpaca fur. They feature red and white yarn bridles & ear tassels and have a cloth blanket on their fluffy backs. Peru.

  5. Henna Body Painting Kit - Mini

    This popular kit contains enough henna powder and mixing solution to get started on creating your own beautiful temporary tattoos and henna designs. 

    Makes 15-20 designs!

  6. Ekeko Doll - 7 inch

    Ekeko is "God of Abundance and Wealth". These clay dolls are packed with items representing abundance and are intended to bring their keeper's good fortune. Various colors.  Hand made by master ekeko doll maker. Bolivia.

  7. Ask Bob Pendulum - Brass Pyramid

    Reviewed as the most responsive pendulum by New Age Retailer. Ask Bob is a beautiful solid brass pyramid pendulum with a unique double-pyramid design that provides clear and precise responses. It comes with simple illustrated instructions that allows anyone to quickly learn the art of pendulum dowsing, including tips for expert dowsing.
  8. Alpaca Doll

    Adorable little alpacas from Peru proudly stand tall and are made from real alpaca fur. Colors and fluffiness vary as each is hand made. Very soft and cute.  Choose your color options below from a variety of solid or mixed colors with white.  Measures 4.5 inches tall by 3 inches long.

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8 Item(s)