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  1. Q'ero Andean Chullo Cap - Beaded - Mini Q'ero Andean Chullo Cap - Beaded - Mini

    Q'ero Andean Ch'ullo Cap - Beaded - Mini

    A very cute, miniature version of traditional hand-beaded Q'ero ch'ullos, or caps, this little gem is first hand knit of colorful wool and then hand beaded with bright white glass beads. Just like its larger counterpart, the cap is embellished with multiple brightly colored pom poms. This bigger type of this cap is worn by the Q'ero for special feast days and ceremonies. This little version is perfect for hanging on your car's rear view mirrow or your backpack as an ornament. And we know of at least one Pomeranian who didn't look too bad wearing it. Hand made in Peru.

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  2. Pendulum - Domed Clear Quartz

    Pendulum - Domed Clear Quartz

    Designed by George Goodenow, this clear quartz dome designpendulum emphasizes the cone, or vortex shape, of the pendulum. Learn More

  3. Llama Doll - 6 inches

    Llama Doll - 6 inches

    These adorable llamas are made from real and very soft alpaca fur. They feature red and white yarn bridles & ear tassels and have a cloth blanket on their fluffy backs. Peru.

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  4. Henna Body Painting Kit - Mini

    Henna Body Painting Kit - Mini

    This popular kit contains enough henna powder and mixing solution to get started on creating your own beautiful temporary tattoos and henna designs. 

    Makes 15-20 designs!

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  5. Ekeko_Doll_-_7_inch Ekeko_Doll_-_7_inch

    Ekeko Doll - 7 inch

    Ekeko is "God of Abundance and Wealth". These clay dolls are packed with items representing abundance and are intended to bring their keeper's good fortune. Various colors.  Hand made by master ekeko doll maker. Bolivia.

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  6. "Ask Bob" Pendulum - Brass Pyramid "Ask Bob" Pendulum - Brass Pyramid

    Ask Bob Pendulum - Brass Pyramid

    Reviewed as the most responsive pendulum by New Age Retailer. Ask Bob is a beautiful solid brass pyramid pendulum with a unique double-pyramid design that provides clear and precise responses. It comes with simple illustrated instructions that allows anyone to quickly learn the art of pendulum dowsing, including tips for expert dowsing. Learn More

  7. Alpaca Doll_alt1 Alpaca Doll_alt1

    Alpaca Doll

    Adorable little alpacas from Peru made from real alpaca fur. Colors and fluffiness vary as each is hand made. Very soft and cute.  Choose from a variety of solid colors or colors mixed with white.

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